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About Us

 Times of Mizoram (ToMZ) hmingin chibaih u leh! 

Mizo hi hnam tlemte chauh kan ni a. Kan hnam ze mawi hrang hrangte hi vawnthat a pawimawh a. Tunlai social media leh internet te hi kan hriatna tihzautu a ni mek zel a. Hengah te hian kan hnam nunphung (identity) te  kan dahtha a, kan   tilar a ngai tak meuh meuh a ni. A chhan chu internet le social media te hi hnam dangten kan chanchin (history, society, culture) an hriatna bulpui ber a ni.

Mizoram newspaper times of Mizoram
Eng thil pawh, kan Mizo nunphung leh khawtlangnun nena inkawpna/inzawmna neih tawh phawt chu he site-ah hian  sengluh zel kan tum dawn a ni.

Mizo thalaite tan kan hmu ang ang, kan Mizo zinga chhuanawmte kan rawn tarlang thin ang a. Thlalak emawh video pawh ni se, tin thenkhat chu a lo sexy deuh te pawh a awm thei a, intihmualphona lam ni loin, kan "inchhuang" zawk avangin ka dahtha zel dawn a ni. 

Thuziak [article] lam pawh kan dah tel dawn bawk a. A ziaktute phalna kan dil lem lo mai thei a, social media le hmun hrang hrangah kan hmuh te kan dah mai zel dawn a ni. He blog hi Mizo-te tan ARCHIVE anga siam kan tum a ni.

Kan Zoram khawvel pawh khawvel dang rualin ke a pen ve zel a. Privacy/Copyright hi hum a thei tak tak tawh lo. Copy khat emawh, hmun khata a dar tawh chuan, a duh zawng zawngten an nei hman thin a ni. Chuvangin, article, thlalak leh thil dang dang kan chhuahte (post) hi ka lawrkhawm deuh vek a ni a, Piracy/Plagiarism/Copyright thubuaiah maw kan phur lo ang.

Ka han sawi nawn leh ang e, Helai hmunah kan chhuahte hi chung zinga mi chu a nih a, a neitu phalna kan dil vek lo. Hmun dangah mi chhuah chhawn a nih angin eng buaina pawh thleng se mawh kan phur duhlo tawp a ni.

Times of Mizoram

Our Goal:

ToMZ is dedicated for the exposition of Mizo affairs to the rest of the world. Informations obtained from other sources and Third-Party sites are re-posted 'as-is' basis as a digitization initiative so as to make our affairs accessible to all through online surfing.  Our contents are mainly collected from social media like - Facebook, Whatsapp, and Blog. As most of the social media today do not support search engine availability and that, access is not granted to all except for those who have account in that particular site. ToMZ collects valuable posts and contents and archived it in this portal.

Support Us and Make our story known to the World

Times of Mizoram a chhuah tur  i neih chuan hetah hian submit 
thei a ni e. Lawm takin kan lo dawng dawn nia......

He tah hian i neih ang ang i rawn thawh ve thin dawn ni a. 


Mizo Nula Khal