By 1899 there were two Mizo candidates for baptism, Khuma and Khara. Khuma was eighteen years old and had previously heard the Gospel from Lorrain ‘Pu Buanga’ and Savidge ‘Sap Upa’, though without showing much apparent interest at the time. Late in 1898 his interest suddenly grew and his desire to be a Christian was evident. On 25th July 1899 Khuma and Khara became the first Mizos to confess their faith openly in baptism. It was a very memorable day in the calendar of the Mizo church.

Khara moved some distance from Aizawl, and sadly, away from the influences that led to his conversion and he lost his faith. Khuma, on the other hand, learned to read and write and knew much of the Gospels by heart. His travels became legendary. He went alone through the wildest parts of the country to tell the message of God’s love in Christ and suffered persecution time and again. He later made friends with a young man called Duma and they went everywhere together.
Khuma usually visited every house in whatever strange village he was in, and, before sitting down to a meal, would ask one simple question “Have you accepted the Gospel?”
His dedicated efforts led to a tubercular infection and he died after a long illness, aged 36, respected and mourned by many, on 23rd August 1917. His fervour was the inspiration for many during the early years of the church and there are many stories about the two friends Khuma and Duma, two simple, unassuming, and devoted friends.

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