Art and Culture Department, MizoramThe Government of India’s scheme of Promotion of art and culture was extended to the Union Territory of Mizoram when it attained the U.T. status in 1972. The scheme has been continued since then and the Directorate of Art & Culture was carved out from the Education and Human Resources Development in February, 1989. The various isolated programmes relating to promotion of art and culture in Mizoram were then brought together under one umbrella. Thus the Department of Art & Culture headed by the Secretary in the Govt. and the Director in the Directorate began to function since February 1989 and makes its own Five Year Plans commencing from the 8the Five Year Plan onwards.

During the last 22 years of its existence as a Department, the Art & Culture Department has created permanent assets and has established well. In spite of its meager budget allocations and inadequate administrative infrastructures it has achieved commendable progress. The programmes initiated by the Department since its inception are very well responded by the public, especially, the youth community. This raised The Department to a high level of importance and recognition.

What does the Art & Culture Department do to justify its existence? Before going into details, a summary of the Multi-pronged function and activities of the Department may be presented as

On Promotion of performing arts :

Established an Institute of Music & Fine Arts – Imparts 3 – months Certificate Course in Elementary Music and Traditional Dance. Takes up Theatre (Drama) activities.

Impart trainings in Traditional Dances to Schools and NGO’s inside and outside the State.

Organizes Cultural Meets/Festival at various places in the rural areas every year. Conducts Chief Minister’s Running Trophy in Cultural Dance Competition for YMA in alternate years.

Cultural /entertainment programmes in honour of visiting dignitaries, official functions etc. arranged Cultural troupes to other States in India and elsewhere are arranged and participates at National and International Cultural events.

Letters and Literary Activities: Organizes Seminars on culture and history, language, vanishing art form etc. Writers are assisted through Publication Board to get their works published.

Visual Arts : Organizes/sponsors Art Camp, Art Exhibition and Workshops in and outside Mizoram.

Archaeological surveys and mappings : Historical remains, monoliths and landmarks are being investigated, verified and preservation taken up. Documentation are also taken up.

Material culture & anthropology of the people are preserved and exhibited in the Museum.

The history and available records about the land and its people are preserved in the Archives.

Heritage Conservation : Identification of heritage sites/buildings are being taken up. Tangible and intangible heritages are being preserved.

Public Libraries : In order to impart and disseminate knowledge, value of reading and to provide reading materials public libraries are maintained at State and District Levels. NGO Libraries are assisted through RRRLF.

To study and record the Socio-Culture, Socio- Economic and history of the tribal people in Mizoram :The Tribal Research Institute is taking up research works.

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