Employment News (Hnaruak) hi thalai hna zawng mekte tan chuan a pawimawh hle tih kan hria. Website tam tak hetiang post-na a awm a, rintlak tam tak karah rintlaklo tam tak a awm ve bawk. Tin, tunlai khawvelah inbumna (frauds/fraudulent) tam tak a awm thin a. Job notification lem an siam a, Demand Draft hmangin fees chawitirin, sum tam tak hna zawng mekte hnen atangin an laksak thin a ni. Hetiang inbumna laka kan fihlim theih nan website rintlak chauh kan hmang thin dawn nia. 

Employment News website pakhat Recruitment Alert hi i lo tlawh ve thin dawn nia.

Tin, Android Apps rintlak deuh mai kan siam ve a. Hnaruak bakah Google News, Facebook Browser le a dang dang Apps ah hian a awm a. A tangkai phian a nia. A hnuaia link hi click zau a, i lo install ve raw leh.

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