Earlier, I have shared one complete widget/code for your sitemap. It so simple and easy, right..?  This time, another thing you will surely like. The design is more attractive and fresh. The process for installation is same, so I will just give you the code and implement it in you own. I will not repeat the same thing. If you have any trouble in this regard, let me know in the comment section or contact me through the contact form given in this site.
<style type="text/css"> #toc{ width:99%; margin:5px auto; border:1px solid #2D96DF; -webkit-box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2); -moz-box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2); box-shadow:4px 4px 8px 2px rgba(0,0,0, 0.2); } .labl{ color:#FF5F00; font-weight:bold; margin:0 -5px; padding:1px 0 2px 11px; background:-moz-linear-gradient(right,#C2EAFE 0%,#055A85 40%); background:-webkit-gradient(linear,left 10,right 80,color-stop(0.20,#055A85),color-stop(1,#C2EAFE)); border:1px solid #2D96DF; border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px; -webkit-border-radius:4px;box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb; -moz-box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb;-webkit-box-shadow:3px 3px 1px #bbb;display:block; } .labl a{ color:#fff; } .labl:first-letter{t ext-transform:uppercase; } .new{ color:#FF5F00; font-weight:bold; font-style:italic; } .postname{ font-weight:normal; background:-moz-linear-gradient(right,#C2EAFE 0%,#fff 40%); background:-webkit-gradient(linear,left 80,right 10,color-stop(0.60,#fff),color-stop(1,#C2EAFE)); } .postname li{ border-bottom: #ddd 1px dotted; margin-right:5px } </style> <div id="toc"> <script src="http://makingdifferent.github.io/blogger-widgets/sitemappage.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="http://www.YourBlogURL.com/feeds/posts/default?max-results=9999&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"> </script></div>

Replace white part in blue background with your own address.

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