Mizoram situated in the eastern corner of India, is sandwiched by Myanmar in the east and south and Bangladesh in the west. It has a total area of 21087 sq. kms, with almost a million population. Mizoram, earlier known as the Mizo Hills District, was excluded from the Government of India Reforms Act 1919 and the Act of 1935. As a result, the Mizo people remained under the personal rule of the British Superintendents and the hereditary Mizo Chiefs. Every Mizo village had its own chief who was assisted by Council of elders. However, members of the Council were appointed by the Chief at his pleasure. It was only after India ’s independence that the district had representation in the Legislative Assembly and was allotted 3 (three) seats in 1952.      
Mizoram attained the status of Union Territory in 1972 and then separated from Assam . The first session of Mizoram Legislative Assembly was held on 10th May, 1972, that was the beginning of Mizoram Legislative Assembly. The first Assembly of Mizoram had 30 Elected seats and 3 nominated seats. The erstwhile District council House was inherited for the Assembly House, since then the House of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has become the place where grievances of the people are ventilated.      
The status of territory was upgraded to statehood by a act of Parliament which was passed in August, 1986. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi on 20th February, 1987. The strength of the Assembly have also been increased to 40 elected seats. The Mizoram State Legislative is unicameral. It must be noted that several general election for the Assembly were held during the past more than three decades and it is quite remarkable that these election had passed off peacefully. No coercion and booth capturing have taken place in the history of Mizoram.
The Mizoram Legislative Assembly marches towards progress in the field of parliamentary practice and procedure. Apart from various notable achievements made during the past three decades, this Legislature has the privilege of having its own Budget Committee, Pay Committee, Service and Recruitment Rules etc.
The Budget Committee having 7 members was constituted on 23rd June, 2000 for a term of one till year with the primary function to scrutinize the Estimate and Budget proposals prepared by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat. The Budget Estimate as recommended by the Budget Committee and duly approved by the Speaker are forwarded to Finance Department for incorporation in the State Annual Budget as a matter of course.
Image result for mizoram assembly houseThe Budget Estimate is not subject to scrutiny by Finance Department or any other Committee of Government. Any observation by the Finance Department has to be submitted to the Speaker for consideration. In the event of any difference of opinion between the Budget Committee and Finance Department, the decision of the Speaker in consultation with Leader of the House will be final.
As provided under Article 187 of the Constitution of India, Mizoram State Legislative Assembly has a separate Secretariat for the Legislature. The Recruitment and Conditions of Services are presently regulated by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat (Recruitment and Conditions of Service Rules, 1995) Under these rules, the Speaker has full administrative and financial powers in respect of the Legislature Secretariat.      
With a view to solving the problem of accommodating visitors in the limited space in the public gallery and also as a means of disseminating political development in the state to the general public, the entire proceedings of the Assembly Sessions have been telecast live through local cable TV Operators with effect from 17th March, 1998. The Mizoram Legislative Assembly has been maintaining decorum of very high standard. Scenes of bedlam, walkouts, withdrawal, naming and suspension of members are rarest of the rare cases in Mizoram Legislative Assembly.
During Union Territory period i.e. from 1972 to 1986, Mizoram was an associate member of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and with the attainment of Statehood in 1987 it has become a full-fledged member. Delegates were sent to CPA Conference, seminars etc. Mizoram is also a full member of NERCPA and delegates from this Assembly attended conferences, seminars, executive meetings of the Association.
The Secretariat has also hosted the 2nd NERCPA Conference during 21-23 April, 1998 at the State Guest House, Aizawl. The Conference was inaugurated by the Late Shri G. M. C. Balayogi the then Hon. Speaker of Lok Sabha and was attended by various delegates from North Eastern States, including officers and staff from Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi New Delhi .
With the dedication of Hon. Members and officers of this Secretariat, the Mizoram Legislative will march towards development and progress in keeping with the fast changing world.
How to get there
Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram is 180 kms from SilcharAssam to Aizawl usually takes about 6 Hours. Mizoram State Transport buses ply between Aizawl and Silchar daily. Mizoram is now connected by air from Kolkata daily.
For further information, contact Mizoram House at Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati, Kolkata and New Delhi . Inner Line Pass for entry into Mizoram for persons other than government employees has to be taken from Liaison Officer, Govt. of Mizoram, Silchar or from Liaison Officer, Kolkata.

Source: http://www.mizoramassembly.in
Information about Mizoram      
Total Area-21,087 sq. kms
Rural-20,761.63 sq. kms
Urban-325.37 sq. kms
Density of population-33 per sq. km
Literacy rate-88.49%
Language spoken-Mizo and English
No. of Assembly Constituencies-40
No. of seats in Parliament-Rajya Sabha  – 1      
Lok Sabha     – 1

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