Graduate and Postgraduate Studies

The College offers the following courses:

1. Bachelor of Divinity (B.D)
Bachelor of Divinity is a four-year degree course under the Senate of Serampore College. Graduates and Post Graduates from recognised Universities and B.Th. graduates are eligible to undertake B.D. studies, provided they pass the ATC entrance examination and interview.

Master of Theology is a post-graduate degree course offered by the Senate of Serampore College. The duration of the course is two academic years. Candidates holding a Serampore B.D. (with B Grade, i.e., 60%) or its equivalent, along with required specialisation papers, are eligible to undertake M.Th. studies. At present, the College is offering M.Th. studies in six disciplines, namely – Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, History of Christianity, Religions and Missiology.

3. Doctor of Theology (D.Th)
Doctor of Theology is a four-year residential doctoral programme offered by the Senate of Serampore College. Candidates holding a Serampore M.Th. (with B Grade i.e., 60% and above) or its equivalent are eligible to undertake this programme. The College offers the D.Th. programme in Christian Theology, New Testament and Missiology.

The College Session
Aizawl Theological College follows the semester system for its B.D. and M.Th. programmes. The First Semester begins in June and ends in September. The Second Semester begins in mid-October and ends in mid-April. Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. In March/April students have to write the College examination in addition to the Senate examination.

Examination Grading System
Aizawl Theological College examinations are conducted at the end of every semester. The pass marks for each subject are 40%. The grading system of the Senate of Serampore College is as follows:

A + 80 % Marks and above
A   75 % Marks
A – 70 % Marks

Second Class
B + 65 % Marks
B   60 % Marks
B – 55 % Marks

Third Class
C   45 % Marks
C – 40 % Marks

Failure: Below 40% Marks.

Other Programmes at Aizawl Theological College

1. Lay Theological Education:
Since 1972, the college has been engaged in the task of lay theological education. Two important programmes are carried out by the College:

a) Mobile Theological School: This programme was initially started with the help of the Theological Education Fund of the World Council of Churches. In this programme a team of faculty members (usually two or three at a time) visit interior places in Mizoram and other parts of North East India and open study institutes for the laity. Introductory lectures are given in different disciplines such as Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, History of Christianity, Religions and Christian Ministry. Theological literatures relating to these subjects, published by the College are made available to the laity. The registered students study the books. After five or six months an examination is conducted, and successful candidates are awarded certificates.

b) Bible Correspondence Course: This programme is conducted in the Mizo language. Through this course people are provided biblical teaching on Salvation, Daily Christian Living and Christian Doctrine. There are two levels of study in the Bible Correspondence course. Rev. Vanlalrawna is at present the Director of this Course.

2. Calvin Study Centre (C.S.C):
Recognising that a vast majority of Mizo Christians belong to the Calvinistic tradition, the ATC has established a Calvin Study Centre. The Centre serves primarily as a research and study centre for the teachings of John Calvin and the Calvinistic tradition. It also seeks to conscientize the Mizo Christians about the said tradition and makes provision for theological students to study the same.

        In view of the above objectives, the Centre has started collecting various books, journals and articles relating to the teachings of Calvin and the Calvinistic tradition. Seminars on Calvinism are organized every year. The seminar papers and discussions are published in a book form as part of a series entitled Calvin-a Zirtirna leh Mizo Nun (Calvinism and Mizo Life). The Centre is also engaged in translating and publishing other books related to the Calvinistic tradition. A course on The Life and Thought of John Calvin is also offered to the final year B.D. students.

        Prof. T. Vanlaltlani is currently the Director/Secretary of the Centre. The C.S.C. Committee members are the Principal (Chairman), Vice Principal, Registrar, Librarian, Rev. Dr. H. Vanlalruata, Rev. Dr. K. Lallawmzuala, Rev. Laldintluanga.

3. Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S) and Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip.C.S):
The Aizawl Theological College (ATC) serves as a local centre for two external study programmes of the Senate of Serampore College: the Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S) and the Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip.C.S) programmes. The objective of both these programmes is to provide persons with an informed understanding of their faith, to strengthen their academic skills and to deepen their commitment to Christian service in the context of their vocations.

        To be eligible to study the B.C.S. course, a candidate must be a graduate of a recognised university. A holder of the B.Th. degree of the Senate of Serampore College who has already passed the two qualifying English papers is also eligible to undertake the B.C.S. course. So also a person who is at least 25 years of age, who has been prevented for special reasons to pursue normal school education and who can produce evidence that he/she has been engaged in a full-time vocation/profession/employment for two years, is eligible to study the B.C.S. course provided he/she passes the Mature Candidates Entrance Examination.

        Candidates desirous of doing the diploma course in Christian Studies (Dip.C.S.) are required to have passed the Higher Secondary School (10+2) or its equivalent. The Registrar and the Director of Lay Theological Education are presently in charge of the two programmes. Currently the College is running B.C.S. and Dip.C.S programmes in English and Mizo.

4. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min):
Recognizing the importance of continuing theological education for full time Ministers in the service of the Church, the Senate of Serampore College has offered a special programme for them, i.e., the Doctor of Ministry programme. The Aizawl Theological College has been given the responsibility of co-ordinating this programme for them.

5. Probationary Pastors’ Training and Examination:
The College is entrusted by the Mizoram Presbyterian Church to conduct examinations for probationary pastors in October every year. During their three years of probationary pastorship, they are expected to successfully write examinations in six subjects: The Bible, Christian Theology, History of Christianity, Christian Education, Religions and Pastoralia. In addition, they are required to write a book review every year.

6. Certificate in Christian Studies (C.C.S):
The college conducts a certificate course in Christian Studies for students’ wives, which consists of seven subjects to be covered in one academic year.

7. College Museum and Art Gallery:

8. Early Childhood Care Education Centre:
A pre-school facility is made available for tiny tots in the campus for the children of the students, staff of the ATC and people in the neighbourhood. Presently Mrs. Lalthanpuii is the Headmistress while Mrs. Lalrokimi serves as volunteer teacher and Mrs. Ngaihi serves as a helper.

9. D.C.P.C
The Aizawl Theological College has introduced the Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling (Dip. C.P.C) to provoke skills for pastors and others to engage in the healing ministry of the church in the congregations, institutions and in the society in general.
Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University with three years of work experience in the christian ministry.
BD or B.Th degree holders of Serampore University with three years of work experience are eligible to undertake DCPC Studies.This is a one year, full time, residential  programme starting from June and end in May following year.


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