MPSC HNARUAK 2018: Mizoram Public Service Commission chuan employment advertisement a tichhuak a. Mizoram chhunga hna zawng mekte tan thu lawmawm tak a ni. MPSC Hnaruak kimchang chu a hnuaiah hian a awm e. MPSC Hnaruak 2018 dil duh tan advertisement/notification hi chhiar vek tur a ni. 


ADVERTISEMENT No. 69 OF 2017 - 2018 

Dated Aizawl, the 18th January, 2018.

A hnuaia tarlan hna hi Mizoram Sawrkar hnuaiah a ruak a. Mizoram Public Service Commission Office, New Secretariat Complex, Aizawl-ah leh District hrang hranga Deputy Commissioner Office-ah te ni 7. 3. 2018 thlengin Office kai ni zing dar 10:00 atanga tlai dar 3:00 thleng dilna OMR Application form hi lakchhuah leh thehluh theih a ni. Application form pakhatah heng Department hrang pathum a mi te hi dil kawp theih a ni a, hna diltu ten an Department duh dan indawt an tarlang tur a ni. Competitive Exam pawh a ruala neih a ni ang. 

He advertisement kaihhnawiha hriat tul ang chi chu MPSC website ah en theih a ni ang. 

 1. Hna hming : Upper Division Clerk (UDC) 
 2. Hnaruak zat : 12 (sawmpahnih) 

3. Department hming : 
1. Health & Family Welfare Department - 5 posts 
2. Sports & Youth Services Department - 6 posts 
3. Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms ‘Training Wing’ (ATI) - 1 post 

4. Hlawh-bi : PB-2 `.9300-34,800/- + GP `.4200 

5. Thiamna ngaite : 
1. Graduate degree or equivalent from recognized University. 

2. Basic Knowledge of Computer Application equivalent to Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) or Diploma in Computer Application/Certificate in Computer Application from institutions recognised by Mizoram State Council of Technical Education or such other courses of the level as determined by the Government from time to time. 

6. Kum bithliah : Diltu chu ni 7. 3. 2018-ah kum 18 aia naupang lo leh kum 35 aia upa lo a ni tur a ni. Upper age limit -ah hian SC/ST candidate te chu kum 5 thleng ngaihhnathiam leh theih an ni ang. 

Dilna fee Application Form man telin ` 320/-(or ` 270/-SC/ST te tan) pawisa faia pein emaw, Secretary, Mizoram Public Service Commission hminga IPO (uncrossed) siamin emaw, Treasury Challan hmang a Revenue Head- 0051-PSC, 102-State PSC(Examination Fee. etc) deposit-in emaw dil tur a ni a. 

Competitive Examination a hnuaia subject hmang hian neih tur a ni. 

PAPER I ( 3hours) 
(a) General English - 75 Marks (b) Precis Writing - 25 Marks (c) English Essay - 25 Marks 

PAPER II ( 3hours) 
(a) General Knowledge - 75 Marks (b) Simple Arithmetic - 25 Marks

Sawrkar hnathawk lai te chuan proper channel-in an dil tur a ni. Hna diltute zingah dan kalha tlin tuma mahni emaw, midang emaw hmanga hma la an awm chuan an dilna hnawl sak an ni ang. Dilna famkimlo chu hnawl a ni bawk ang. 

Mizoram Public Service Commission Hnaruak 2018: ADVERTISEMENT I CHHIAR DUH CHUAN CLICK RAWH

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