bjp mizoramAIZAWL, Feb 12: After a video clip, claimed to be of a Christian pastor being persecuted in Rajasthan by BJP workers went viral, Mizoram Pradesh BJP has refuted the charges and dismissed it as “lies spread by Congress.” “We immediately inquired about the video clip with Rajasthan unit BJP leaders and the State Government, who informed us that such an incident did not take place in Rajasthan,” State BJP spokesperson Johny Lalthanpuia said in a statement. No news media carried the alleged incident, which strongly indicated that it was fabricated, the BJP statement said. 

“If you watch the video closely and listen to the voices, it becomes clear that the incident took place elsewhere, probably somewhere in Latin America,” the BJP said. It has become clear that the video clip was another desperate attempt of Congress to tarnish the image of BJP. The BJP reiterated that the Constitution of India that provides its citizens free choice of religion would not be shaken under the BJP rule. The BJP would do nothing to destroy the principles of democracy in India. – Assam Tribune Correspondent

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