I am privileged to be a part of Mizoram Police once again. My prior stint was in the year 1992 - 1995 when I served as Superintendent of Police CID (Crime) in Mizoram, a period that left me with several wonderful memories that I cherish till this day. The progress made by Mizoram Police since those days have been immense and enormously heartening. There have been noticeable advancements in the profesionalism and modernization of the police force and Mizoram Police has built a highly respectable reputation within a short span of time.
Mizoram DGP Balaji Srivastava, IPS MESSAGE

      Every achievement is a stepping stone for further progress and Mizoram Police continues to strive for greater heights in our mission to prevent crime, to protect the right of the people and to ensure that Rule of Law prevails. Meanwhile, Mizoram Police also strives to provide an efficient, impartial, people-friendly and corruption-free police administration in our State and our close coordination with NGOs has provided an opportunity for effective community oriented policing. Due to the strategic location of the state with International borders on the west and on the east, Mizoram faces major threats relating to drugs and arms trafficking and smuggling of various contraband items. Mizoram Police with the assistance of NGOs and sister agencies made serious efforts in prevention of such crimes and this is evident from the volume of seizures of drugs and arms  made by Mizoram Police in recent years and we will continue to strengthen our efforts in this aspect. Mizoram today faces various new challenges that include cyber crimes, human trafficking and economic offences and we continue in our endeavor to face and conquer these challenges through regular training and capacity building programmes.

      One key requirement for an efficient police force is to ensure that welfare of our men is well looked after and all possible measures are being taken to ensure that all police personnel can perform their duties knowing that their interests are safeguarded.

      This Mizoram Police Website is a medium for dissemination of information and interaction with the people and I hope it serves a means to strenghten police - public relationship. I invite all visitors to offer suggestions and provide your valuable inputs in helping us achieve our goals.

Balaji Srivastava, IPS
Director General of Police

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