Jeremy LalrinnungaJerry Lalrinnunga: Indian Weightlifting Federation chuan thuchhuah siamin Youth Olympic Games vawi thumnaah India aiawha ritchawi tur pahnih an thlang a, Jeremy Lalrinnunga a tel.

Sports Authority of India, Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, Patiala-ah India aiawha ritchawia chhuak tur an thlang a, Mizo rawlthar Jeremy Lalrinnunga leh Sneha Soren an thlang chhuak a ni.

Govt Complex ritchawi chak Jeremy-a hian kg 62 huang Youth Boys-ah inelna a hmachhawn dawn a, India aiawh tur thlannaah hian a vaiin kg 273 chawiin a thei fal hle a ni.

Mizo rawlthar hian kg 126 a char nghal thei a, Youth leh Junior national record a siam ve ve a, senior record a tluk chiah bawk a ni. Char nghal leh awma dah phawta chawi kanah belhkhawmin kg 273 a chawi a, hetah pawh hian youth leh junior record siam ve vein a lakah beisei a sang hle.

Youth Girls-ah Sneha chuan India ai a awh ve thung ang a, ani hian char nghal leh awma dah phawta chawi kan belhkhawmin kg 154 a thei a, kg 48 huangah intihsiak a hmachhawn ang.

Sneha hian kg 67 a char nghal a, youth leh junior national record siam ve vein a pumpuiah kg 154 a chawi a, national record a tluk chiah bawk a ni.

Mizoram Weightlifting Association-in beiseina sang tak nena an thlir mek Jeremy-a chungah duhsakna an hlan.

October 6 atanga 13 chhungin Argentine khawpui Buenos Aires-ah Youth Olympic Games vawi thumna neih a ni dawn a ni. ~Thang Khuma T-a

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