Naupang huaisenAIZAWL, June 12: Caroline Malsawmtluangi (11) was playing with her friends near her home in Zuangtui neighbourhood on the eastern outskirts of Aizawl on Monday when an unfamiliar little girl came and joined them. Little did she know that the sevenyear-old girl had been abducted by a woman, later identified as Zonunsangi Fanai, and that the police were hot on their trail.

The next day, plainclothesmen who were on the lookout for the woman, met Caroline and showed her the photo of the abducted girl and asked her if she had seen her. When she saw the photo, Caroline realised that it resembled the girl she had played with, the previous day. After the police left, she went in search of the mysterious girl in the neighbourhood. She finally found her at one Ramesh Hemram’s house with her alleged abductor. The woman asked Caroline if the workers who were constructing a building nearby were still there, and if so, she requested her to go and ask for money that they owed her. At this moment, Caroline offered to look after the girl while asking the woman to go on her own. The woman agreed and left.

Seizing this opportunity, Caroline carried the girl on her back and started running towards her home. Even though the woman saw her running and threatened to throw stones at her, she paid no heed and continued running. She hid the girl in her bedroom until her parents informed the police who immediately arrived and took away the girl. The woman confessed to the police that she had abducted the girl from Thualthu village. She said she was married to K Lalengzauva, who hailed from Thualthu village, in May 2018. After staying at Zuangtui for some time, they moved to Thualthu village in August last year.

She told the police that on Saturday (June 8) night, her husband and other friends were drinking. Following a heated argument, her husband attacked her. When the police arrested her on Tuesday, the woman had bruises on her eyes, arms and legs. The next morning, she carried the minor girl, daughter of the resident of Thualthu village, and left for Aizawl on a truck. She had been staying at Ramesh Hemram’s house at Zuangtui when the police came and nabbed her. 

@Correspondent, Assam Tribune

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