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Question 1.
x does 1/4 of a job in 6 days y completes rest of the job in 12 days. Then x and y could complete the job together in:
9 Days
8(1/8) Days
9(3/5) Days

Question 2.
P and Q are 27 km away. Two trains with speed of 24 km/hr and 18 km/hr respectively start simultaneously from P and Q and travel in the same direction. They meet at a point R beyond Q. Distance QR is:
81 Km
80 Km
48 Km

Question 3.
If the incomes from the market tax in a year be Rs. 165 crores then the total income from other sources is (in Rs. Cores):
Rs. 345
Rs. 325
Rs. 335

Question 4.
Two number are in the ratio 3 : 4. If their LCM is 240, the smaller of the two numbers is:

Question 5.
When a pendulum of length 50 cm oscillates, it produces an arc of 16 cm. The angle so formed in degree measure is (approx):
17 degree 35'
18 degree 35'
18 degree 80'

Question 6.
A sum of money becomes eight times in 3 years, if the rate is compounded annually. In how much time will the same amount at the same compound rate become sixteen times?
8 years
5 years
4 years
Question 7.
A tank 40 m long, 30 m broad and 12 m deep is dug in a eld 1000 m long and 30 m wide. By how much will the level of the field rise if the earth dug out of the tank is evenly spread over the field ?
0.5 metre
1.2 metre
1 metre

Question 8.
If 5 men or 7 women can earn Rs. 5,250 per day, how much would 7 men and 13 women earn per day?
Rs. 17,200
Rs. 18,100
Rs. 17,100

Question 9.
The average of the first 100 positive integers is:

Question 10.
A and B together can do a works in 12 days. B and C together do it in 15 days. If A's efficiency is twice that of C, then the days required for B alone to finish the work is:

Question 11.
A can complete a piece of work in 18 days, B in 20 days and C in 30 days. B and C together start the work and are forced to leave after 2 days. The time taken by A alone to complete the remaining work is:
20 days
16 days
15 days

Question 12.
By what least number should 675 be multiplied so as to obtain a perfect cube number?

Question 13.
In a family, the average age of a father and a mother is 35 years. The average age of the father, mother and their only son is 27 years. What is the age of the son?
7 years
14 years
11 years

Question 14.
By walking at 3/4 of his usual speed, a man reaches his office 20 minutes later than his usual time. The usual time taken by him to reach his office is:
60 minutes
45 minutes
55 minutes

Question 15.
A train, 300m long, passed a man, walking along the line in the same direction at the rate of 3 km/hr in 33 seconds. The speed of the train is:
35.7 km/h
30.7 km/h
35 km/h
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