School Education Department, Government of Mizoram chuan Primary leh Middle Schoor teacher lakna tur advertisement a tichhuak tawh a. he advertisement-a a lan danin Mizoram sawrkar-in Muster Roll in zirtirtu 881 a la dawn a ni. 

School Education Department hnuaiah Muster Roll (MR Skilled-II) in, Primary School Teacher 817(disabled quota post 33 telin) leh Middle School Teacher 64(disabled quota post 3 telin) lak a ni dawn a. Diltute chuan an thawh duhna District ( Siaha leh Lawngtlai districts tel lovin) DEO Office atangin dilna form hi lak theih a ni ang a, Aizawl District chhunga dil duh te chuan, Directorate of School Education Office ah lak theih a ni bawk ang. Internet a download duh tan School Education Department Website ah download theih a ni ang. Click Here to Read Recruitment Advertisement 

Application Form thehluh rual hian Application Fee (Rs.150/- for Scheduled Tribe/Caste/OBC Candidates leh Rs.200/- for General Category Candidates) theh luh tel tur a ni. Persons with disabilities tan bik chuan Application fee hi ngaih hnathiam an ni ang.  Dilna hi ni 22.7.2019 thlengin Office hun chhungin mahni thawh duhna district DEO Office ah thehluh tur a ni a, Aizawl District a dil duh tan chuan Directorate of School Education Office ah thehluh theih a ni ang. Post ruak awmna khua a miten an dil a nih chuan a khaw mi te duhsak bik an ni ang.

12th Feb 2019 a Council of Minister thukhawm chuan Mizorama Minimum Wage rate chu siamthat a tihpun chu pawm in, rate tharah hian Muster Roll a thawkte nitin hlawh chu Unskilled - Rs. 380, Semi Skilled - Rs. 420, Skilled-II - Rs. 520 leh Skilled-I - Rs. 640 tura duan a ni.

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  1. Kan sawrkar chak tak hi chu ava han chhuanawm tak em.. congress sawrkar ang chu a ni lo deuh chu a nih hi maw...

  2. Anonymous7/09/2019

    Zirtirtu lak dan awmze neilo ber ani..quality education chu kan la hlat hle..elementary education ngaihnep lutuk na alang bawk..tin,teaching profession hmuhsit na ani..TEACHER HNA ZAHAWM TAK KHA SKILLED-II PAY SCALE LEK AH AN DAH ANIA..AVA IN HMIHSIT THLAK EMM

    1. Enge Elementary Education ngaihnep lutukna alan na chu? 🤔 ka va hrethiam chiah lo ve.

  3. Anonymous7/09/2019

    Application form hi engati nge man aneih tak zel mai le?paper man chu 10 vel lek ani awm sia.

  4. Kan sawrkar thar hi chuan education a ngaipawimawh a, a van lawmawm thin em..chutihrualin Teacher ni tur a qualified ngei,TET paltlang ngei chauh in dil thei se a duhawm ang mawle, a hnu a kum 5 chhung TET neilo te tana in ngaihnathiam buaikual vel ai chuan a tling te ngei tan apply theih ni se ka lo ti ve mai mai a.

  5. Anonymous7/10/2019

    Ni a,keini pawh Health &Family Welfare Department hnuaiah training chhuak in kum 12 lai contracts in thingtlang kilkawlah kan la thawk a ni a,hlawh min pe tha duh si lo,min pun duh si lo a,tuna zirtirtu an la tur te pawh a rate en hian an hlawh tlem dawn hle a,mistiri ho rate ai pawh in a hniam fezawk a,sorkar hnathawk ni ve si ah chuan kan hlawh tlem lutuk hi zahthlak a ni.

  6. MTET pass lo hi chu lak loh tur sin mole,kum 5 chhung hun an pekbelh dawn lehnghal a,a pass te poh hian an in daih mah mah ania,pass lo te chu tih loh mai tur lom le,MTET awmzia hi kan sawrkar hian a hrechiang lo em maw ni le?Fair lo emai.

  7. Hsslc a nia...skill 2 chu a awm tho mai..

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