Manipur-a MST bus tlàntir dan tur sawiho

Aizawl leh Churachandpur, Manipur inkara Mizoram State Transport (MST) bus tlantir dan tur sawihoin sorkar aiawhte leh tlawmngai pawl hruaitute an ṭhukhawm a; state pahniha Mizote inpawhna leh inunauna ṭha zawka awm theih nan leh mipui mamawh phuhru turin MST bus tlantir thuai an beisei thu an tarlang.

Meeting-ah Manipur-a Mizo People Convention, YMA group leh MZP headquarters hruai­tute an tel a; Manipur-a MZP president GF Lalniropuia'n a kaihruai. Mizoram aṭangin Trans­port assistant director R Lal­biakdika leh MZP Gen. Hqrs.-a General Secretary-te an tel.

Kal khawmte chuan, Mi­zoram sorkar hmalaknaa Aizawl leh Churachandpur inkara MST bus tlàntir tum chuan Manipur-a Mizote a tilawm hle a, a hlawhtlin hun an nghakhlel hle tih an tarlang a, "Bus service tur hi hnam anga min phuar khawmtu leh nasa taka min pumkhattir tu a nih kan ring, an ti.

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