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Sinlung Hills Council voters 21686

1 Oct 2019, Tuesday, October 01, 2019 IST
Sinlung Hills Councilin  a huam, Aizawl district  leh Kolasib district-a final  electoral roll chu  Thawhtanni khan  tihchhuah a ni a, an vaiin  vote nei 21686 an awm.  Sinlung Hills Council  (SHC) huam chin hi  Mizorama district pahnih  chhunga awm a ni a.  

Aizawl district-ah constituency  10 awmin  Kolasib-ah constituency  2, a vaiin constituency 12  a awm.  SHC inthlanna atan  hian State Election Commission-  in Schedule of  Roll Revision a siam  bawhzuiin kumin September  5 khan 2016 VC  roll behchhanin draft roll  siam a ni a. Roll-a dahluh,  paih leh siamthat dilna hun  hawn a nih hnuah final  roll hi tarchhuah a ni.  

SHC Aizawl district  huamchhung bika final  roll-a voter awm zat chu  17691 a ni a. Hei hi draft  roll-a vote awm zat 16928  aiin 763-in a tam zawk.  Aizawl district-a SHC  huamchhungah hian constituency  10 chhungah  khua/veng 31 a awm a ni.  Kolasib district  huamchhungah constituency  pahnih - Saipum leh  Saiphai constituency a  awm a, voters hi an vaiin  mi 3995 an ni.  

SHC huamchhungah  hian a vaiin constituency  12 chhungah khua 35 a  awm a, vote awm zat chu  21686 a ni. Inthlan hi  kumin November vela  buatsaih theih beisei a ni. ~The Aizawl Post
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