Sexy photo of Demi RoseTunlai Model lar leh chhelo tak Demi Rose i chuan a thlalak nalh tak tak Social Media lamah a pholang leh. Tunah hian Demi Rose hi Mexico lamah holiday hmangin a awm mek a, nuam a tih hmel hle.

Social Media (Instagram) lamah amah followers te hmuh atan a thlalak nalh tak tak a tarlang a, chung a thlalak nalh tak tak te chu Daily Mail in an website-ah an phochhuak a, kan rawn tarlang ve leh dawn a ni.

Demi Rose hian a thlenna hotel bathroom-ah amahin a inselfie a, a post a ni. Kum 24 mi chauh ni rih mahsela, Social Media lamah a lar vet vet tawh hle, a thlalak post te reng reng hi a nalh thei hle a ni. A hnuaiah hian a thlalak kan rawn tarlang e. Hmuh a nuam hle.

Source: Liana Sailo

ENGLISH VERSION: Demi Rose's famous assets are back on the 'Gram. The British model and social media sensation now has 12.8 million Instagram followers awaiting her every update, and they definitely got an eyeful in Demi's recent post.
Demi is adored for her killer curves and flawless beauty. While many updates from the Brit come scantily-clad, her fanbase isn't exclusively male. It seemed like everyone was digging this snap from Demi, though. The brunette had geo-tagged a Tulum, Mexico location, she was soaking up the health benefits of a rock pool, and yes, Demi had gone fully topless.
Hot pic of Demi Rose

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