The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Subj : Request to speed up verification process of unauthorized villages

Dear Sir,

With due respect and humble submission, doing something to clear the air over the false allegation towards Mizo people being invited by the memorandum of the Chakma community based outfits is what we feel a crying need for maintaining peace in the state.

Firstly, myself Vanlalhriatpuia, the petitioner is a permanent local dweller of Tlabung (Demagiri) town in Lunglei District of south Mizoram, which itself is located on the Indo-Bangla border. Contrary to the distracted belief and highly manipulated speculation, there is no such communal feud between Mizo and Chakma in our belt and the threat of mutual hatred looms over two communities (claimed by some netizens) is purely a sneaking suspicion.

Dear Sir, many occupied places are unrecorded yet unrecognized if the validated documents are anything to go by. Meanwhile, the number of such unauthorized villages has seen exponential increase in the last decade, which is alarming. According to the enacted law, this is forbidden and culpable.

In view of the recent state of affairs, the Young Mizo Association, Tlabung Branch took the plunge to put a commensurate effort to tackle this illegal habitation. They started off the campaign on a positive note after the parent Chakma Village Council members remained very supportive. This had resulted in a few unauthorized villages abandoned. We came across such fruitful outcomes just because of the conjoint effort put by the State Government with the support of both Mizo and Chakma inhabitants.

Considering this is all about illegal settlement, not all the Chakma-occupied villages are targeted. Since, the onus is on indigenous people to gain any relevant information about the people who took up residence in a suspicious manner, such measures were adopted to confront the off-putting issue, not to show discriminative behaviour towards any particular community.

It is under everyone's nose that, the recently conducted verification of unauthorized village within Lunglei district and NRC are like night and day. While NRC is targeting everyone, the same cannot be said for the just-carried-out verification as it embraced only illegal settlers. Questioningly, is going against the verification measures of unauthorized villages a conspiracy to malign the Mizo community and the State Government if any untoward happens, which is occurable due to the possible external factors (any sort of border conflict between the two countries) since they are living in places just adjacent to the border point.

Therefore Sir, given the fact that no communal hostility has been erupted towards each other, on behalf of my fellow Mizo people who are perturbed by the growing number of unauthorized villages, i am meekly requesting you to further speed up the verification process of the unauthorized village for which the State Government has taken initiative in order to ensure we, the indigenous people are safeguarded from the cross-border threats and contingencies.

Sincerely Yours

Working Journalist

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