District Task Force, Siaha mulled over how to take preventive measures against Covid-19 pandemic in the emergency meeting held, here at Siaha.
District Magistrate had already issued prohibitory order on last Friday(7/3/2020), the order prohibited Cross- border movement between Myanmar and India through  passages/roads that linked Myanmar and 10 villages  within Siaha district namely:
Lopu, Chapi, Khaikhy, Zyhno,Lodaw, Lomasu, Iana, Siasi, Laki and Khopai village. The Same order highlighted that  Check points will be set up at  3 villages namely: Kaochao, Tlapi and Tipi Ferry which located at Inter District Border.

In pursuant to the said prohibitory Order, Siaha BDO and Tipa BDO have left for those 10 villages to call for GramSabha meeting and to sensitize about Covid-19 and Prohibitory Order.

Today's meeting resolved that villagers of those 10 villages be requested to form a joint committee comprising of Church, NGOs and Village council to vigil over border passage/road that linked their respective village and Myanmar.The meeting also resolved that MADC Forest Guard  and India Army stationed at villages located India-Myanmar Border be requested to help proposed village's Joint committee in their vigilant works on Border road/passage.

Today's meeting also decided that on the  13th&14th March,2020  a Team comprising  Medical officials, Leaders of NGOs, Joint VC members, Police personnel and DC office staff will visited those 13 villages and witness  preventive measures taken by each village and carry out sensitization campaign as well.

CMO & DMS informed the meeting that there was only one Thermal Infra Red Sensor and 15  Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) presently at  Siaha; and 2 TIRS will arrive shortly.

TIRS and   Self Reporting Format will be placed at  check points; and by using TIRS leh Self reporting format;  suspected Covid-19 infected travellers will be identified and quarantine for 20 days. -DIPR

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