The Mizoram Presbyterian Church is one of the constituent bodies of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India, which has its headquarters at Shillong in Meghalaya manned by three Administrative Secretaries.
The administrative set up of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod is highly centralized. The Synod, having its headquarters at Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram State, is the highest decision making body of the Church.

Synod Office
Mission Veng, Aizawl,
Mizoram, India
Phone - 91 0389 2314648; Fax (2314648)


We the members of the Presbyterian Church of India affirms:

Article I
The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God and the only infallible rule of Faith and duty.

Article II
There is but one God, and He alone is to be worshipped, He is a spirit, self-existent, self-omnipresent, yet distinct from all other spirits and from all material things; infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, truth and love.

Article III
In the Godhead there are three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory.

Article IV
God who created the heaven and the earth and all things therein, created man, male and female, after His image, in origin, and are brethren.

Article V
Man by his own free choice has transgressed God’s law and thereby has involved himself in guilt and corruption. To save man from the guilt, corruption and penalty of sin, and to give them eternal life, God in his infinite love sent into the world His eternal and only – begotten Son the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom alone man can be saved. The Eternal Son became true man and so was and continues to be the Son forever. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, yet without sin. For sinful men He perfectly obeyed the law of God, and offered Himself a true and perfect sacrifice to satisfy divine justice and reconcile man to God. He died on the Cross, was buried and rose again from the death on the third day. He ascended to the right hand of God where He makes intercession for His people, and whence He shall come again to raise the death and to judge the world.

Article VI
The Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, makes man partakers of salvation convincing them of their sins and misery, enlightening their minds in the knowledge of Christ, renewing their wills, persuading and enabling them to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and working in them all the fruits of righteousness.

Article VII
God in Christ makes a full and free offer of salvation to all men, and commands them to repent of their sins to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and to live a humble and holy life after His example and in obedience to God’s revealed will. Those who believe in Christ and obey Him are saved, receiving forgiveness of sins, justification, adoption as sons of God, sanctification through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and eternal glory. Believers may also in this life enjoy assurance of their salvation. In His gracious work the Holy Spirit uses the means of grace especially the Word, sacraments and prayer.

Article VIII
The sacraments instituted by Christ are Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Baptism is the washing with water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and is a sign and seal of our union to Christ, of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, and of our giving ourselves to the Lord. It is to be administered to such as repent of the sins and profess faith in Christ their Saviour, and to their Children
The Lord’s Supper is the partaking of the bread and the cup as a memorial of Christ’s death and is a sign and seal of the benefits thereof to believers. It is to be observed by His people till He comes, in token of their faith in Him and His sacrifice, of their appropriation of its benefits of their further giving of themselves to serve Him, and of their communion with Him and with one another. The benefits of the sacraments are not from any virtue in them or in him that administers them, but only from the blessing of Christ and the working of His Spirit in them that by faith receive the Sacrament.

Article IX
It is the duty of all believers to unite in church fellowship, to observe the sacraments and other ordinances of Christ, to obey His laws, to continue in prayer, to keep holy the Lord’s Day, to meet together for His worship, to wait upon the preaching of His Word, to give as God may prosper from them, to manifest a Christ-like spirit among themselves and towards all men, to labour of the extension of Christ’s kingdom through the world, and to wait for His glorious appearing.

Article X
At the last day the death shall be raised and all shall appear before the judgment seat of Christ and shall be judged according to the deeds done in this present life whether good or bad, the unbelieving and the wicked, being condemned, shall suffer the punishment due to their sins, but those who have believed in Christ and obeyed Him shall be openly acquitted and received into glory.


India Ram Presbyterian Kohhran chuan (Apostol thurin te, Nicea thurin te, Westminster thurin leh Wales Ram Presbyterian Kohhran thurinte chu Pathian thu hrilhfiahna tha tawka ngai a, Kohhran tan leh Pathian thu zirna hmunahte zirtir tlak nia pawm tlat chungin), a hnuaia thurin puanchhuahna thute hi a Pastor te, Probationary Pastor-te, Upate leh Kohhran Dan zawhkimten an vawn ngheh tlat atan a pawm a ni.

Thurin I
Thuthlung Hlui leh Thuthlung Thar Bute hi Pathian Thu a ni a, heng chauh hi rinna leh thiltih tehna dik lo thei lo a ni.

Thurin II
Pathian pakhat chauh a awm a, Amah chauh chu biak tur a ni. Amah chu Thlarau, mahnia awm a, hmun tina awm, thlarau dang zawng zawng leh thil dang reng reng laka hrang si a ni a. A miziaah te, finnaah te, thiltihtheihnaah te, thianghlimnaah te, diknaah te, thatnaah te, taknaah te leh hmangaihnaah te tawp chin nei lo, chatuan mi, danglam ngai lo a ni.

Thurin III
Pathianah chuan mi nung pathum, Pa leh Fapa leh Thlarau Thianghlim an awm a, an pathum hian Pathian pakhat an ni a, nihna thuhmun, thiltihtheihna leh ropuinaa intluk an ni.

Thurin IV
Lei leh van leh a chhunga thil awm zawng zawng siamtu Pathian chuan mihring hi, hriatna, felna leh thianghlimnaa Ama anpuiin mipaah leh hmeichhiaah a siam a. Mi zawng zawng hi bul thuhmun leh chhungkaw khata unau anga inthui khawm vek kan ni.

Thurin V
Mihringte chuan anmahni duh thu ngeiin Pathian dan an bawhchhia a, thiam lohna leh chhiatnaah chuan anmahni an inbarh lut ta a. Chu thiam lohna leh chhiatna leh sual hremna ata chu anmahni chhan chhuak tur leh chatuan nunna pe turin hmangaihna tawp nei lo Pathian chuan, A chatuan Fapa neih chhun Lal Isua Krista chu khawvelah a rawn tir a; Ama zarah chauh chuan mihringte hi chhandamin an awm thei a. Chu chatuan Fapa chu mihring takah a lo chang a, mi nung pakhat mize pahnih nei, Pathian tak leh mihring tak a ni kumkhua ta a ni. Thlarau Thianghlim thiltihtheihnain nula thianghlim Mari chuan a pai a, a hring a; mahse, sual a nei lo. Mi sualte tan Pathian dan chu a zawm famkim a, Pathianin dikna a phut hlen chhuak tur leh mihringte Pathian remtir turin, inthawina tak leh famkim atan a inhlan a, kraws-ah a thi a, phumin a awm a, ni thum niah mitthi zing ata a tho leh a. Pathian ding lamah a han chho va, chutah chuan a mite tan a dilsak reng a, chuta tang chuan mitthite kai tho tur leh khawvel rorel turin a lo kal leh ang.

Thurin VI
Thlarau Thianghlim, Pa leh Fapa ata lo chhuak chuan mihringte chu chhandamna changtuah a siam a, an sualzia leh chungpikziate a hriat chiantir a. Krista hriatna kawngah an rilru a tivar a, an duhthlannate chawk thovin, Isua Krista chu an Lalpa leh Chhandamtua pawm tura ngenin, pawm thei turin a pui a, anmahniah felna rah chi tinreng a thawk chhuak thin.

Thurin VII
Pathianin Kristaah chuan mi zawng zawng hnenah chhandamna famkim chu a thlawnin a rawn hlan a, an sualte simtir leh Lal Isua Krista chu an chhandamtu atana ring tur te, Amah entawn a, Pathian duh ang taka inngaitlawm leh thianghlima nung tur tein thu a pe a. Krista chu ringa, a thu zawmtute chu chhandam an ni a, sual ngaihdamna te, thiam chantirna te, Pathian fa nihna te, Thlarau Thianghlim chenpuina azara tihthianghlimna te, chatuan ropuina te an chang a. Ringtute chuan tun dam chhung pawhin chhandam nih inhriat chianna lawmawm tak chu an chang thei a. Thlarau Thianghlim chuan khawngaihna hna a thawhin, Thu te, Sakramen te, |awngtaina te hi hmanruaah a hmang deuh bik thin a ni.

Thurin VIII
Krista din chhuah Sakramen-te chu Baptisma leh Lalpa Zanriah te hi an ni. Baptisma chu Pa leh Fapa leh Thlarau Thianghlim hminga tuia sil a ni. Hei hi Krista nena kan inzawmna te, Thlarau Thianghlim zara piantharna leh tihnunna chhinchhiahna leh nemnghehna a ni a, Lalpa hnena kan inhlanna thiltih a ni bawk. An sualte sim a, Krista chu an chhandamtu atan an ring tih puangtute leh an fate chantir tur a ni.
Lalpa Zanriah chu Krista thihna hriat reng nana chhang leh uain chan ho hi a ni a, ringtuten Krista thihnaa hlawkna an chan chhinchhiahna leh nemnghehna a ni. Ama mite chuan Amah leh a inhlanna an pawmzia te, an hlawkpuizia te, a rawngbawl tura an inpek zelna te, Amah an pawlna leh mi dang nena an inpawlna te entir nan, A lo kal leh hma loh chuan an chang ho thin tur a ni. Sakramen hlawknate chu Krista malsawmna avang leh rinnaa changtuah Thlarauvin a thawh avanga lo awm a ni.

Thurin IX
Ringtu zawng zawng tih tur chu Kohhran inpawl honaa tel te, Krista Sakramen leh a thil serh dang vawn that te, A dan zawm te, tawngtai zel te, Lalpa Ni serh thianghlim te, Amah be ho tura inkhawm te, A thu hril ngun taka ngaihthlak te, Pathian malsawmna an dawn ang zela hlim taka pek ve thung te, anmahniho zingah leh mi zawng zawng zingah Krista nungchang ang tihlan te, khawvel puma Krista ram tizau tura beih te, ropui taka a lo kal lehna hun nghah te hi a ni.
Thurin X
Ni hnuhnungah chuan mitthite chu kaihthawhin an awm ang a, mi zawng zawng Krista rorelna thutphah hmaah an lang ang a, he dam chhunga an thiltih that leh that loh ang zelin relsak an ni ang. Ringlote leh mi sualte chuan thiam loh changin an sual hremna an tuar ang; Krista ring a, a thu zawmtute erawh chu a langchanga thiam chantirin an awm ang a, ropuinaa lawm luhin an awm ang.

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