AIZAWL, June 4: There are as many as 1,088,641 subscribers of different mobile phone service providers in Mizoram which is 99.21 per cent against the total population of over 10.97 lakh, according to Mizoram Economic Survey 2016-17. Airtel has the highest number of subscribers at 3,95,211, followed by BSNL at 1,99,484 subscribers. While Aircel has 2,61,086, Vodafone has 170,994 subscribers. The Economic Survey did not mention other service providers including Reliance. 

BSNL, the first Indian stateowned telecommunication company that came to Mizoram had only a meager 2,450 subscribers when it was first launched in the state in 2003-2004. Although the telecom company has now crossed 1,99,484 subscribers, the number of subscribers has gradually declined possibly due to arrival of other service providers. The number of PCO booth has also reduced to a great extent. While there were over 1,394 PCO booths in Mizoram during the initial period roughly between 2007-2008, the number has significantly declined and is very minimal now. While the number of landline connection in Mizoram during 2003 to 2010 was over 50,000, it has now reduced to only about 17,177. As per Mizoram Economic Survey 2016-2017, the largest mobile service provider Airtel has so far installed 235 towers across the state, 225 by BSNL, 214 by Vodafone and Aircel has installed 131 mobile towers across the state. 

Majority of the subscribers have switched to pre-paid from post- paid and at present there are 10,56,527 pre-paid subscribers against 32,114 post paid subscribers. While BSNL has extended 9,444 internet connection across Mizoram, Airtel has given 3,25,000 3G connection. Of the service providers operated in Mizoram, Airtel received the highest revenue and it has been estimated that the telecom company has gained over Rs.6 crore in a year. The total revenue gained by all mobile service providers in a year is estimated at Rs. 16 crore, according to Mizoram Economic Survey 2016-17.

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