ADMINISTRATIVE SET-UP : Lunglei District, the biggest District in Mizoram is bounded on the nort h by Mamit and Serchhip Districts, on the south by Lawngtlai and Saiha Districts, on the east by Myanmar and on the west by Bangladesh. It has area of 4,538 Sq.kms with a population of 1,37,155 (2001 census) and 186 villages. There are three Civil Sub-Divisions namely – Lunglei Sadar Sub-Division, Tlabung and Hnahthial Civil Sub-Divisions. The District is also divided into four Rural Development Blocks – Lunglei, Hnahthial, Lungsen and Bunghmun.

ORIGIN OF LUNGLEI ADMINISTRATION TO THE PRESENT DAY :The Lushai Military Expedition under the command of Capt. J.Shakespear reached Lunglei (then Lungleh) from Chittagong in March 1889. The Expedition comprised of three officers and 250 sepoys. They built  a timber stockade known as ‘Fort Lungleh’, thus placing Lunglei under administrative control of the British Rule. The South Lushai Hills, a separate administrative unit under Chittagong Division  was constituted on 1st April 1891 till the year 1898 when the North & South Lushai Hills were amalgamated into one district known as Lushai Hills District and was placed under administrative control of Assam and a Sub-Divisional Officer posted at Lunglei as administrative head of the District. A list of SDOs posted at Lunglei as per available records is given below :
Sl. NoNameFromTo
1F.C.T. Halliday 1.4.189831.5.1898
3W.C.M.Cundas  5.7.19008.10.1900
4C.B.Drake-Brockman       9.10.1900  18.8.1901
5A.R. Giles 19.8.1901 10.11.1901
6G.P. Whalley 30.11.190119.10.1904
.R. Giles 
9C Shadwell  24.3.190723.12.1908
10J.W.G. Buller  24.12.19083.5.1910
11R.W. Vonmorde4.5.191018.4.1912
12M. Bradshaw   19.4.191225.12.1914
13J.H. Grace  26.12.191430.12.1914
J. Needham  
15M. Bradshaw  2.6.191231.1.1918
16H.G. Bartley   1.2.191819.5.1919
17J. Needham    20.5.191922.8.1919
18W.H.Tilbury M.C. 23.8.192131.10.1921
19J. Needham  1.11.192112.3.1922
20W.H.Tilbury M.C.  13.3.1922 11.5.1922
21J. Needham  12.5.192216.5.1922
22H.Lischer   22.4.192410.12.1926
23W.H.Tilbury M.C.  11.12.192630.4.1929
24G.P.Jarman  1.5.1929 8.2.1930
25W.H.Tilbury M.C.   9.2.1930   9.12.1932
L.L. Peter, A.C.S.  
27Kevichusa, A.C.S. 3.6.1935 11.12.1935
28L.L. Peter, A.C.S. 11.12.1935’37 or ‘38
29G.P. Jarman, A.C.S.  37 or ’38  ‘39
30L.L. Peter, A.C.S.19398, 1942
31E.S. Hyde, ACS Addl. Supdt.   42 ‘44
32J.Dumbreak, I.C.S. Mar 1944 
33A.O.Bowman, I.C.S.Addl. Supdt.Dec,1944 
34Capt. D.A. Penn     1946 
M. Wiscot  
19.9.1947 1.6.1949
36S.Das, A.C.S.   1.6.194921.2.1951
37R.Buchhawna, A.C.S.   21.2.19514.10.1951
38B.W. Ray, A.C.S.    4.10.1951 23.10.1953
39K.L. Roy, A.C.S.   23.10.195319.7.1955
40J.C.Changkakati, A.C.S.     19.7.1955 12.2.1956
41P.H. Trivedi, I.A.S.     12.12.19561.12.1957
42T.S. Gill, I.A.S.  14.12.195722.5.1958
43D.S. Khongdup, A.C.S. 29.12.19599.5.1961
B.C. Parija, I.A.S. 
45J.N. Gohain, A.C.S. 9.7.196311.11.1964
46R.V. Pilai, I.A.S.   11.11.1964 28.2.1966
47D. S. Khongdup, A.C.S. Addl.DC   27.4.196617.4.1967
48N.N. Mikherjee, I.A.S. 14.4.196713.10.1967
49S.K. Chakravorty, I.A.S. 16.1.1968 18.4.1968
50V.S. Jafa, I.A.S.     18.4.196812.11.1969
51C.N.S. Nair, I.A.S.   12.11.196915.7.1971
52M.K. Bezboruah, I.A.S.    16.7.1971 16.5.1972
With the constitution of the Union Territory of Mizoram on 21st January, 1972, Lunglei became one of the three Districts of Mizoram U.T and a Deputy Commissioner was posted. A list of Deputy Commissioners so far posted at Lunglei is furnished below :
Sl. No.NameFromTo
1F Pahnuna, IAS     14.10.197213.7.1973
2A Baijal, IAS     14.7.197314.5.1974
3S.P. Aggarwal, IAS   15.5.1974 11.6.1976
4Baleshwar Rai, IAS   12.6.197625.8.1978
5F Pahnuna, IAS 26.8.197825.2.1982
6Rakesh Behari, IAS 26.2.19825.5.1982
7Deepak Mohan Spolia, IAS    3.3.198317.5.1983
8M.M Lal, IAS   13.2.198411.10.1984
9P Lalnithanga, IAS  12.10.1984 30.11.1986
10H Raltawna, MCS    9.1.1987 22.4.1987
11Felix Sequeira, IAS  24.4.19878.3.1988
12L Tochhawng, IAS  26.4.198829.8.1989
13R.L.Thanzawna, MCS 14.09.198930.11.1991
14P.K.Bhattacherjee, MCS  01.12.199125.08.1993
15Rajendra Kumar, IAS  26.08.199309.04.1995
16C.Ropianga, IAS  10.04.199528.07.1998
17K.Riachho, MCS    29.07.1998 31.07.2000
18C.Hmingthanzuala, IAS  10.08.200014.11.2002
19C.Tawnluaia, IAS 15.11.200211.09.2003
20Vanengmawia, IAS  12.9.200306.3.2006
21C.Thanchhuma, IAS  06.3.200625.10.2007
22M.Zohmingthangi, IAS   01.11.2007 01.07.2011
23V. Sapchhunga, IAS14.07.1128.02.2014
24Ashish Madhaorao More, IAS18.03.201431.01.2016
25Abhijit Vijay Chaudhary01.02.2016till date
Deputy Commissioner is assisted in his day-to-day function by Additional Deputy Commissioners, Sub-Divisional Officer (Sadar), Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Assistant to Deputy Commissioners and a number of clerical staff. The Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil) who are posted in the Sub-Divisions also assist the Deputy Commissioner in the District administration.
BRANCHES OF DC’S OFFICE :The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei is divided into various Branches for smooth functioning of the office and officers are assigned as Branch Officers for the various Branches enumerated below :
Establishment Branch : The Establishment Branch deals with recruitment of staff, service matters & pension cases of all categories of employees of the office, training & disciplinary proceedings if and when initiated, Govt. Orders, Notifications and instructions, coordination with other functionaries in the District, etc. The Branch also issues Scheduled Caste/Schedules Tribe/OBC Certificates, application forms for which is readily available in the Branch.
Stationery Branch : The Branch deals with procurement of all forms and stationery items required for day to day functioning of the office as per Govt. instructions, repair and maintenance of various machines in the office, installation of telephones, electric connection, water supply and subscription of newspapers with bills for all these items.
 Land & Building Branch : Construction, repair and maintenance of office and all quarters is dealt by this Branch. The Branch also prepares appropriate answers to all questions State Legislative Assembly as well as both houses of Parliament. The Branch also deals with files concerning assessment of house rent within the District and issues Fair Rent Certificates.
 Vehicle Branch : Vehicle Branch deals with purchase, repair and maintenance of all vehicles belonging to DC Lunglei, procurement of POL, requisition of vehicles in times of Election and other emergency situations.
ILP Branch : The ILP Branch issues Inner Line Permit as per standing instructions of the Govt. of Mizoram to non residents who are requiring stay in the District for various reasons. ILP is issued for a period of six months, on expiry of which the same can be renewed twice for a period of six months each. The Pass holders have to apply afresh to D.C Aizawl after expiry of 18 months. Nominal fees are charged for issue as well as renewal of the Permits which is credited into Govt. account.
Arms Branch : The Arms Branch takes care of issue of fresh as well as Duplicate Arms Licences, renewal of Arms Licences, registration of arms and permission for retainership of arms. The Branch also issues explosive licence, Vendor Licence and permission for practice firing by security forces.
Nazarat Branch : The Branch deals with all account matters, prepares budget estimate & revised estimate of the office submits all periodical returns on expenditure statements regularly to the Govt. Collects professional tax from all employees and receive Govt. revenues and credit into Govt. account. Prepares replies to various audit notes and issues LOC to Sub-Divisions.
Census Branch : The Branch deals with registration of births and deaths. All applications for issue of Birth Certificates are scrutinized with the help of Village Census Registers maintained in the Branch for all villages under Lunglei District. The Census Branch also monitors report on rainfall and pilot scheme of Identity Cards for villages on international border.
Planning Branch : The Branch deals with matters relating to various development programmes viz 20 Points Economic Programmes, Prime Minister’s 15 Points Programme, District Planning Board, High Powered Committee for Lunglei District and various State and District Level Committees.
D.M.R Branch : The Branch deals with any kind of disasters happening in the District and relief/rehabilitation works thereof. The Branch also deals with natural calamities; collect reports on damages caused by heavy rain, floods, landslides, hailstorms, fire, damages to crops etc and provide necessary assistance both in cash and in kind. Silpaulins received from DMR Directorate are distributed on need base.
District Forum/Judicial Branch : The Branch receives complaints from all corners, scrutinize them for trial in the District Forum. The sitting of District Forum is held regularly and a large number of cases disposed of every year. The Branch also issues various prohibitory orders as and when necessary.
Circuit House Branch : The Lunglei Circuit House is having three VIP suites, three Semi VIP rooms, six two-bedded ordinary rooms and a Dormitory of seven beds. The Branch deals with reservation of accommodation, maintenance of the Circuit House, collection of room rents etc and deposit into Govt. account through Nazarat Branch.
 Important Days Branch : The Branch takes care of celebration of all important days of National and State like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, National Integration Week, Energy Conservation Day, etc. Besides the above Branches, the following District offices are also amalgamated to DC’s Office and the heads of offices treated at Branch Officers :
 1) Election office with Election Officer at its head.
 2) Food, Civil Supplies & Consumers’ Affairs Office with District Civil Supply Officer at its head.
 3) Revenue & Settlement Office with Asst. Settlement Officer I & II at the head.
 4) Transport Office with District Transport Officer at the head. The office was recently amalgamated with the office of the MST.
 5) Printing & Stationery Office with Asst. Controller at the head.
 6) Local Administration Department with DLAO at its head.

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