The Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP) was established on the 6th of July 1974 and was registered under Registration No. 5 of 1977, Society Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1960) It's Headquarter is located at Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram. The complete address is Treasury Square, Aizawl. Tel 323 464. 

     The MHIP is one of the biggest voluntary organization in Mizoram. Any organization that is solely engaged in Social Welfare works may be affiliated to the MHIP. The area of work covers the entire corner of the State. The organization is sub divided into seven (7) sub-Headquarters. These sub-headquarter are further divided into 16 blocks and 700

Branches. These sub-headquarter are named after every District headquarters of Mizoram which are -
  • Lunglei Sub-Headquarter
  • Saiha Sub-Headquarter
  • Lawngtlai Sub-Headquarter
  • Serchhip Sub-Headquarter
  • Champhai Sub-Headquarter
  • Kolasib Sub-Headquarter
  • Mamit Sub-Headquarter
     Membership is accepted of any women from the age 14 years onwards. A person can become a member of the MHIP on payment of Rs 2/- to its branch in a village. It is therefore a strong social forces devoted solely for the welfare and upliftment  of the weaker section of the society, particularly Women and Child section.

THE MAIN AIMS, OBJECTIVE AND ACTIVITIES OF THE ORGANIZATION: The basic principles of the MHIP is based on philanthropic social work with no expectation of any return benefit. It aims at creating a state of welfare in which every individual is cared for irrespective of Caste or Creed. However, since it being a women organization, most activities emphasis on upliftment of WOMEN and CHILDREN. Some of these activities may be highlighted below:

FIGHTING AGAINST ATROCITIES WOMEN: The MHIP is a mother of all women, the destitute and down trodden women, fighting for their rights in all aspects of life. During the last five years in Mizoram there are several rape and murder cases involving minor girls and adult women. In protest against such inhuman behavior, the MHIP General Hqrs organised a gigantic processions several times in the major towns in Aizawl, Lunglei, Kolasib, Champhai and Saiha. As a result of these strong protest, the State Government took up the appropriate strong action against the accused who were then convicted.

CHAMPION OF THE DESTITUTE: The Mizo Society is by Custom a patriarchal Society. Women and children in this society were generally considered inferior to man. However, in the wake of modernization such consideration has become controversial. But still there are the die hard who refused any change in customs and traditions. A Mizo man may divorce his wife as he fancy and drive her out empty handed without any means of supporting herself. Women are often left socially and economically neglected, such destitute women are compelled to earn their living by any means, helpless to care for neither ethic or morality with obvious consequences. Under such circumstances, the MHIP take up the issued strongly as discriminatory and unjust for the destitute women in general. The MHIP would champion the issue to any high authority in the state.

MHIP AS A FAMILY COUNSELLING: The MHIP involved themselves wherever there is a social injustice in the day to day family life of the Community within their respective branches/jurisdiction. The MHIP seek justice for women who are beaten by their drunken husband, a child who is neglected in nutrition or in other family and social life. An unmarried mother would be given the proper guidance and Counseling, sometimes even provided monetary or material support to the destitute women and children. In some extraordinary cases where some families needed medical treatment outside Mizoram, but too poor to proceed are given a helping hand by the MHIP in such difficult times of the family.

DECLARATION O WOMEN'S YEAR REVIEW OF MIZO CUSTOMARY LAW: The MHIP Gen. Hqrs. Declared "WOMEN'S YEAR" IN Mizoram 1997-2001 during these period the Central theme of all activities focused on creation of awareness in, " THE LOW STATUS OF WOMEN IN THE SOCIETY". Most of their activities concerned in programs to elevate the low status of women. In this regard, the MHIP had been touring the length and breath of the state covering even the most remote and interior villages. Workshops, seminars and groups discussion are conducted. The major issue was " TO REVIEW THE MIZO CUSTOMARY LAW", which provide very little right and protection to the Mizo Women.
These movement has enlightened many of the younger generation of today, and day by day it is gaining popularity and momentum. The MHIP is now earnestly pursuing the matter with the state Government to action in the matter and is now serious consideration.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING AND SOCIAL INTERACTION :With a view to achieve a welfare state, a block level leadership training help periodically. The theme of such training is " WOMEN IN MIZO SOCIETY". These training The declaration of Women's Year and its consequences have made the general populate aware of the importance of uplifting the status of the Mizo Women.
     The activities of the Organization in helping the destitute, the down trodden and the weaker section of society in the social economic and cultural life of the community has been widely appreciated and recognized
     While aiming for upliftment of women in the society, also inculcate the role and responsibility of women in the Mizo society.
     The feedback of these programme is very encouraging, and it is an ongoing activity.
     The MHIP is the biggest institution which take up the major portion of the programmes to the Mizoram State Social Welfare Advisory Board, these are :-
  1. Crèche Centres
  2. Condensed Course of Education
  3. Balwadi Centres
  4. Awareness Generation Projects
  5. Anganwadi Centres
  6. Family Counseling Centres
  7. Piggery Units
  8. Working Women Hostels
  9. Vocational Training Courses
Women Exhibitions: In taking up this programmes mention must be made of the support and interest of the MHIP Gen Hqrs. Besides the normal supervision of the State Board Officials, the MHIP Gen. Hqrs. Make their own regular fields visits. They over see and supervise the workings of its branches even to the most interior and remote part of the state. These field visits are purely voluntary on the part of the members with the expenses borne by themselves.
Mandatory Activities. The MHIP Mizoram, inspite of its uncertain financial sources never loss heart in attempting to help the poor and the destitute. Every year, at Christmas it is mandatory to visit the following institution with appropriate Gift Packages for all the inmates.
  1. Civil Hospital, Aizawl.
  2. T.B. Hospital, Zemabawk
  3. Synod Hospital, Durtlang.
  4. Hermon Children Home, Durtlang.
  5. Central Jail, Tanhril.
  6. TNT Drugs Addict Camp, Zuangtui.
  7. De-addiction Centre, Arm Veng.
  8. SOG De-addiction Camp, Selesih.
  9. Blessing Home, Sakawrtuichhun.
  10. Muanna In - Destitute Home, Zuangtui.
  11. Social Guidance Agency, Tuikual.
  12. Motherless Baby Home, Durtlang
PERIOD FOR WHICH THE ORGANISATION HAS BEEN WORKING ON ISSUES RELATING TO WOMEN'S DEVELOPMENT: The MHIP organization, since its inception in 1974 aims at primary working for the upliftment of Women in the Society. Today however, due to the actual need in the community is has broadened its activities to several other social problems; nevertheless the emphasis is always on problems related to women. i.e. the MHIP has been working for the development of women for the past 25 years. This year, 1999 it is celebrating her Silver Jubilee during the month of June between 24th June to the 6th of July.
     The MHIP Gen. Hqrs. Mizoram is therefore a very strong foundation of justice and social welfare in the state of Mizoram. In its purview of work and operation there is no discrimination on ground of caste, creed or religion. Although the primary concerned is in upliftment of the weaker section of the community, yet with demand of contemporary society, the activities and the problems it takes varies in very many ways. They take up the challenge of any Government, Semi Government, or any NGO schemes as long as it is a means to help the destitute and the weaker section of the society. In simple term the MHIP organization may also be know as the mother of Social, Economic and Cultural Liberty.

  1. Under the auspicious of the Department of Agriculture they take up the NWDPRA scheme by which they launch an awareness campaign in the rural areas of the state covering over 500 villages.
  2. Under the sponsorship of the Department of Horticulture they organized a grand flower show/exhibition, with a very encouraging participation and positive feedback from the public.
  3. Between 1996-97 they take up the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) scheme from the Department of PHE . By this scheme they launched another awareness campaign in rural area. The coverage was over 300 villages. By this scheme they were able to teach the villager community the importance of proper latrines and toilets facilities for the better health. The importance of a good hygiene source of clean drinking water. They also taught the importance of safeguard the property of the PHE Department. Supplied for public facilities, particularly water pipes and tap etc.
    In September 1996 they instituted the Indira Mahila Kendra in many parts of the state. This is found to be very helpful for the State Government as well as the individual member.
  4. Under the sponsorship of the Department of Health through the SCOVA scheme the family planning scheme and distribution of medicines was launched in the rural area. The coverage was over 400 villages.
  5. The MHIP Gen. Hqrs is launching a construction project costing an estimate of 50 lakhs. This project is " HOME FOR THE ORPHAN AND DESTITUTE WOMEN" at Beraw tlang, Aizawl.
  6. As a fund raising activity, under the sponsorship of the State Government, the MHIP Hqrs. Organised candle making, Artificial Flower making and a Jumble sale. Through this the organization is able to raise Rs. 4,97,757.00.
  7. Construction of the Headquarters Office Building completed. The Building is of two storey and RCC Concrete. It located at Treasury Square, Aizawl. Another concrete Building has been also completed at the New Market area, Aizawl. One floor of this Building housed the Headquarters Office, and the rest are let-out to very low income group people.
  8. In regards to the exact places where the work has been carried out, it is impossible to name them all, because referring to the above, it will be understood with such an organization of over 700 branches, the problem of naming them all is obvious.
  9. Source of funding for its activity : Referring back to the information highlighted above it should be understood that the MHIP is purely a Philanthropic Organisation. Since it inception in 1974 it has never based its programmes and activities on sound finance etc. Each financial problems is tackled as the need arise. The chief source of finance is the membership fees. In other requirements it based on donation and contribution. When there is a requirement for big budget the whole organization will take up fund raising programmes like, Hawking of Vegetables, Carrying of Firewood and selling. Menial labour work of any kind etc.
    There is no assured financial provision from the State Government, the Union Government or any Foreign Funding Agency. This does not however imply that non is welcome. This Organisation of Mothers base all their activities and programmes in the simple philosophy: " Help the needy to help themselves". They base on Devine guidance and the goodwill of all humanity and …………….they survived.


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