Image result for Lyuva Khutla FestivalThis festival is observed when the jhums have been cut or cleared in the month of Pamih also known as March. This festival is also known by the name ‘ PAKHUPI LA’ a name given after a dance form. It is the biggest festival of the Mara tribes living in the Southern part of Mizoram.

This is also a festival of thanksgiving. The house of a wealthy man is selected and the villagers gather for a feast prepared by the women. A pot of rice beer is contributed from each household and a dance called ‘PAKHUPU LA’ is performed in the fields.
The number of days for celebration of Lyuva Khutla is not fixed as the duration of festivities depends on the number of days the villagers are prepared to contribute food and drinks.
Even today, this festival is celebrated in the beginning of March in Siaha District also known as Maraland. Traditional costumes are adorned on this day and cultural dances are performed by artistes. The people dance to the tune of folk songs and community feasting is observed in the evening.
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