Related imageThalfavang Kut is an annual three days festival organized by Department of Tourism, Government of Mizoram. The venue for the festival is set at Tuirial Airfield,an abandoned airstrip 21 Kms from the city centre. It is celebrated to showcase the diverse culture and traditions of the Mizos with a host of entertainment.
The origin of Thalfavang Kut reflects the close unit society and deep camaderie that knit the Mizos together wherever they are. Insurgency in the 1960’s and 70’s in Mizoram dislocated families from their homes, villages and towns. It disrupted education and students had to flee to neighboring states to continue their studies. Having to adjust to cultures completely different, haunted by tragedies back home and visions of lush green hills of their homeland taunted them. Thus, these students gave birth to ThalfavangKut. An annual festival held in their various places of study. They would get together, perform traditional dances, sing folk songs, share their experiences, encourage each other and at the end of the day share a feast.
Today, Thalfavang Kut is celebrated with a plethora of activities, games, music etc. Other activities include exhibition of handlooms and handicrafts, traditional dances and music, performances by well-known artistes and bands, carnivals, local cuisines, etc to name a few. The main highlights of the festival is Hot Air Ballooning, Paraglyding and Powered Hang Glider not found anywhere in the north east except Mizoram. The annual MIMSA Motor Sports racing takes place during the festival.

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