Situated in Tachhip about ... kms from Aizawl is a roughly-hewn gravestone about 12 feet in height erected to the memory of Sibuta, chief of the Palian clan. The stone stands more as a grim reminder of the inhuman deeds of the chief who had his step-mother ritually killed with a spear in place of a bull mithun as part of the ceremony of a Khuangchawi community feast. Sibuta was the son of a chief's concubine and had an elder step-sister, Darlalpuii, who was the daughter of the chief's wife. It is said that when he was young, his step-sister used to harass and punish him and he had sworn to take revenge. So when Sibuta grew up and later became a powerful and dreaded chief, he performed this gruesome act in the presence of his subjects who, out of fear, could not but take part in the ceremony. He was also known for many other cruel acts, but much to the relief of his people he did not live long and died soon after he killed Darlalpuii. At the time this memorial stone was erected by his men, it is said that one slave was buried alive beneath it.

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