Zonet Cable TV Pvt. Ltd.Zonet Cable TV network, now Zonet Cable TV Pvt. Ltd was established in 2004 by three eminent Mizo Journalists namely – K.Sapdanga, the owner, Editor and Publisher of VANGLAINI Daily, the biggest daily in the state, a popular writer, Vanneihtluanga, Editor and Publisher of LENGZEM monthly, the biggest monthly in the state and R.K.Lianzuala, a former News Editor of All India Radio, Aizawl and the first Journalist from North East India to have been selected by the British Council to undergo a training in Broadcast Journalism in the UK and successfully completed the same in 1999. ZONET was established as a partnership firm and can now claim to be the most successful partnership firm in Mizoram. The network has now successfully completed its 7th year and in terms of viewership and quality, it is growing day by day with the people’s support.
After being in the profession for seven years, Zonet Cable TV Pvt Ltd has now become a fully-licenced Mizo satellite TV channel that provides viewers with a wholesome 24-hour Entertainment, Films, Music, Career and Family-based content, as an alternative to the other fancy and other glamorous satellite and cable channels.
Providing reliable information is one of the foremost endeavours Zonet Cable has promised to the customers. One of its major aims is to provide its customers better accessibility to information and entertainment at the most competitive price through the media. It spreads its arms for its mission of charity and philantrophy; which is the reason why in seven years since its inception, Zonet as an entity has cherished love, respect and support it gained from its viewers. With its viewers expanding further everyday, Zonet is now a home to most television in Mizoram and the neighbouring areas.
During the past seven years, Zonet has organised three successful seasons of Mizo Idol, a singing competition among the Mizos. Due to its successful ratings, it received a top position among other Mizo general entertainment channels.
Currently, the channel is featuring a number of successful shows, such as Look Alike, Strong Man Contest, Red Ribbon State Level Football Tournament, Dancing competition, Science exhibition, Quiz programe, Tiptoppers, Acapella, Mizo Choir Contest (Beat Contset), Interviews with successful Mizos in various walks of life and popular leaders. The channel’s most popular show, Mizo Idol has been the top ranked shows ever since its launch.
It has always been the enveavour of ZONET to stretch helping hands to the poor and the needy. Special mention may be made of Tsunami victims in 2004 (Prime Minister’s Relief Fund), Haiti earthquake (to Haiti Embassy in India), landslide victims in Mamit area (within the state), Orphanages, Rescue Centres, Poor Fund in Local Hospitals etc. The Mizo people’s generosity in these activities is commendable and donations to the tune of lakhs of rupees were received and distributed a number of times. ZONET has also given ZONET Awards to successful and exemplary role models among the Mizos to show right value-system to the people.

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