Image result for mizoram truck owners associationMizoram Truck Owners' Association (MTOA) leh Mizoram Truck Drivers' Asso­ciation (MTDA) thu­tlukna angin, Bairabi leh Aizawl inkar kawngpui chhia siamṭhat phûtna atan nimin aṭang khan Mizoram pumah truck-te an tlan lo a, vawiin leh naktukah pawh an tlan dawn lo.
MTOA hruaitute hnen aṭanga thu dawn danin, truck tlân luih tum an awm thulhah Rengtekawn, Rangvamual leh hmun dang ṭhenkhatah duty an indah a, mahse, tlan tum an awm lo a, harsatna thleng a awm lo.
Lirthei neitu leh khalh­tute'n an thlawp ṭhat thu sawiin MTOA hruaitute chuan, "Kan nawrh chhan avangin thlawp kan hlawh hle. Tumah tlan luih tum an awm lo," an ti a; sorkar nena inbiakna an la neih loh thu an sawi. 

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