AIZAWL, Oct 6: Mizoram State BJP has submitted a Rs 6,000-crore Namani Tlawng river project to the Central Government, the party spokesperson Johny Lalthapuia said. The Namani Tlawng River Project is similar to the Namani Gange Programme, a flagship programme of the BJP-led Government which aims to rejuvenate, conserve and clean the Ganges, Lalthapuia said. Tlawng river is one of the longest rivers in Mizoram, that originates from Zopui Hill in southern Mizoram and flows northward close to Aizawl and finally enters Cachar of Assam. Tlawng has historical significance to the Mizos as the Ganges has to the people of India. Now, urbanisation and climate change have posed a threat to this important river. 

“We have sought assistance from the Centre to rejuvenate and conserve the river, Lalthapuia said. He said the project will cover 234-km stretch of the river, with an area of 1918 square km. The project will involve conserving the river source, cleaning the river and prevention of flood that causes tragedy annually, he said. The party is optimistic that the Centre will approve the project as it is known for its commitment to protect the environment and rivers in India, he said.

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