India ram President lo zin dawn avangin Dan leh Thupek kenkawhna atan Remote Control hmang Drone/Aerial Camera hman khuahkhirh a tul avangin Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Aizawl District chuan Section 144 of Cr.P.C 1973 in thuneihna a pek angin a hnuaia thupek hi a chhuah:

Aizawl khawpui chhunga Raj Bhavan, Chief Minister Bungalow leh Thuampui Helipad bul leh a chung boruakah Remote Control hmang Drone/Aerial Camera leh hetiang lam chi reng reng thlawh tir khap tlat a ni a. He thupek bawhchhia an awm a nih chuan an Drone/Aerial Camera te man/kahthlak sak an ni ang a, an chungah dan angin hremna lek a ni ang. Hei hian Police, Sipai leh District Magistrate in phalna a pek te a huam lo ang.

He thupek hian vawiin ni 27.11.2017 atanga ni 1.12.2017 chhung a awh ang.

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