Champhai is located in the North eastern side of Mizoram. It is not far from the border of India and Myanmar.

          From the record of the British government (who ruled India at that time,) from 1500-1800 AD the Mizo people who came down first from the east to Mizoram were Fenngo clan. So they called their village as their clan name like Chawnchhim, Lawihmun and so on. We can also see the ancient heritage of the Mizo in Champhai areas like: Erection of big stones, Chhura Farep, Chawngchilhi kai, Mura puk and Sikpui lung.In the year 1864, Vanhnuailiana came to Champhai with his pasaltha Vanapa (Thangzachhinga) and his companions. Then Vanhnuailiana became the chief of Lawihmun, his mother became the chief of Chawnchhim. In the year 1871 when Vanhnuailiana died his wife Rolianpuii ruled over Chawnchhim as a chief.

             In 17 February, 1872 Cachar Deputy Commisioner and General Bourcher came to Lawihmun to make treaty with Vanhnuailiana. But they did not see any people in the village then on the next day they went to Chawnchhim and they made treaty with the elders (Khawnbawl upate) of Ropuiliani.In 1879 the sons of Vanhnuailiana named Dothiauva, Liankhama, Lalburha, Buangtheuva and Chinhleia tried to settle down to the western side of Mizoram but the place where they planned to migrate was already occupied by Mangas’ descendants, because of that the famous war in Mizo history broke out which was called Chhak leh Thlang Indo (war between the east and the west). After that British Military group occupied Chawnchhim. Half of the villagers were near to the police quarters so they became the one who knew foreign language.The British Government made an order to have gun license to those who have gun. But the Mizo people did not understand the exact meaning. They sold their gun to Pawi who lived in Myanmar. Then Thenzawl Pasaltha Chengaia took back ten gun from Pawi because of that Deputy Comissioner was very glad to him. So Chengaia was appointed as chief in Vanlaiphai (N). But Chengaia chose to be the chief of Champhai instead of Vanlaiphai(N) and he became the chief at Hmuntlang then he was the pioneer of having Champhai field as paddy field.H.W.G. Cole the 11th Deputy Commissioner of Mizoram made the unique administration of Champhai in 1909. In that administration all the chiefs in Champhai were the members of Panchayat, they became chairman of Panchayat year by year. In 1923 one army company left Champhai and their place was occupied by Thangvela Chief the place and is now called Kahrawt. There were four chiefs in Chawnchhim hill, they were: 

1. Luseia Chawngthu (Thangseia) - Vengthlang and Chhungte 
2. Thangtea Chawngthu (Thangvela) - Kahrawt 
3. Sing Bir Bai – Jamadar 
4. Thangthiauva Chawngthu – Vengsang. 

         Champhai is one of the oldest place which Mizo people occupied. We can say that Champhai is more than 100 years old, from different poems. At first, one of Mizo clan Hmar occupied Champhai, after they moved away, Ralte clan occupied it.After Ralte, Sailo clan came to ruled, The Sailo period was came to an end and the Lusei clan was begun and occupied it. Among Mizo people there are so many clans, they had their own chief, they moved from one place to another as a nomad. There are so many historical monuments at champhai like - Mangkhaia lung, Lungverh, Chhura farep, Mura puk, Sikpui lung etc. which can be seen till now.

          After Mary Winchester was taken back from Mizo chief by Lt.Col.T.H.Lewin on 21st jan 1872. Champhai is also under the ruled of the British as Captain Cookesly set up the British flag at Champhai on 17.2.1872

          On 18.2.1872 Gen.Bourchear and Cachar D.C. Edger came to Champhai and made treaty with Champhai chief and elders.

  1) 1894 - Jeep able road (Sap sakei lamlian). 2) 1897 - Sepoy settle. 
3) 1898 - (a) Starting of wet cultivation. (b) Establishment of Dispensary. 4) 1911 - Establishment of primary school. 
5) 2.4.1937 - Bazar begin at Kahrawt. 6) 2.9.1941 - Rising day of Y.M.A. 
7) 12.12.1943 - Fall of Jet fighter. 8) 1946 - Establishment of P.W.D department. 
9) 1947 - Establishment of C.I.D department. 10) 1948 - 1st A.R(Assam Rifles) out post. 
11) 1949 - Establishment of Police department. 12) 1957 - Starting at Champhai to Aizawl road constructioned. 
13) 1959 - Jeep arrived from Aizawl for the first time ever. 14) 1.3.1966 - M.N.F captured Assam Rifles Camp at Keifangtlang. 
15) 13.3.1966 - Indian Army burned down Champhai. 16) 1968 - Grouping of different villages(Champhai is one of the grouping center). 
17) 1972 - Establishment of P.H.E department. 18) 1974 - (a) Establishment of Sericulture Department.(b) Champhai to Aizawl bus service. 
19) 23.6.1976 - (a) Electrification 1976,(b) Kahrawt Bazar transfer to Rahsi veng.20) 22.4.1977 - (a) Civil Hospital 50 bedded-1977,(b) Establishment of i & P.R Department 
21) 9.8.1978 - (a) Establishment of State Bank of India, 1987,(b) Establishment of Sub-Jail 1987 - (c) Establishment of Industry Department 
22) 9.5.1981 - Establishment of S.D.E.O Office, 23) 15.12.1982 - Establishment of Sub-Treasury Office 
24) 1983 - Establishment ofSub-Divisional Library, 25) 1985 - Establishment of Forest Division 
26) 1986 - Establishment of Apex Bank. 27) 2.2.1988 - (a) Establishment of Custom and Central Excise Department 1988 - (b) Aizawl to Champhai Helicopter Service 
28) 1.1.1989 - (a) Champhai College provisionalised 29.6.1989 - (b) Establishment of L.A.D Circle Office 
29) 5.2.1990 - Establishment of District A.H.& Vety Office 

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