Naktip chawlhni ni 26 Nov 2017 khi India Danpui duangchhuaktu Dr.B.R. Ambedkar a pianchamphaphak vawi 125 na a ni dawn a. Dr. B.R.Ambedkara pianni ni 26 November hi kum 2015 atang khan kumtin “Constitution Day” a hman thin ani a, a huhoa India Danpui Preamble chhiarchhuahna neih thin a ni.

Kumin ah erawh a pianni ni 26 November hi Chawlhni (Sunday) anih avangin Mizoram sorkar chuan ni 27 Nov 2017 chawhma dar 11 a.m. ah chhiarchhuahna hun hmang turin a inbuatsaih a ni. Main Secretariat Building kawtzawl, New Secretariat Complex, Khatla ah hian Chief Secretary in Preamble chhiarchhuahna hi a kaihruai ang a, Secretariat Annexe ah chuan Secretary, LAD in a kaihruai thung ang. Secretariatte bakah hian sorkar office zawng zawngah Constitution Preamble hi chhiarchhuahna neih a ni bawk ang.

The Constitution of India
We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens :
JUSTICE, social, economic and political ;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship ;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation ;
In Our Constituent Assembly this twenty-sixth day of November 1949, do hereby Adopt, Enact and Give To Ourselves This Constitution

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