Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church (LJCBC) ChanchinLairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church (LJCBC) is a Protestant denomination of India, located in the southern corner of Mizoram, which is a state in India bordering Myanmar and Bangladesh.  Over a century ago, The Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) sent missionaries Rev. F.W Savidge and Rev. J.H Lorrain to pioneer the evangelization of the southern part of the state of Mizoram.  They founded the Baptist Church of Mizoram.
The work of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) of England in the early 20th Century was the beginning of the Christianity among the indigenous people of Lairam (Lai land) who were called Lai. Since the introduction of the Gospel among the Laipeople, the Gospel has spread out into the entire area of the Lai. Since then, the Lai people congregated together and became  members of the Baptist Church of Mizoram.
However, in the year 1970, the calling to serve God in mission work as an indigenous tribe, some of the Lai people detached themselves out from the Baptist Church of Mizoram  and organized its own and independent body which is called “The Church of Jesus Christ” (Isua Krista Kohhran). Later another group of Lai people separated again from the Baptist Church of Mizoram in 1982. This group was called “Lairam Baptist Church” (Lairam Baptist Kohhran).
In 1999, the two groups merged into one Assembly. The united Lai body was called “The Church of Jesus Christ Lairam” ( Isua Krista  Kohhran Lairam ) without bearing any Baptist name. However, since they are of Baptist origin, they are always Baptist in confession and practice. Therefore, at the annual Assembly of 2003 at Electric Local Church in Lawngtlai town, it was unanimously resolved to rename the church as “Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church” (Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran).
The administration set up of Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church is highly centralized and has its headquarters at Lawngtlai  the Capital of Lai Autonomous District Council, Mizoram State. This is the highest decision  making body of the Church, and  otherwise known as the Headquarters
The financial operations, the personnel matters, the administration, management and the execution of works of the Church are all directly or indirectly supervised and controlled by the Headquarters.

Statistics 2014
  1. Local Churches - 99
  2. Total Members: - 27,147
  3. Regional Church Council -5
  4. Pastorate - 18
  5. Pastors - 31
  6. Probationary Pastors - 6
  7. Retired  Pastors - 5
  8. Elders - 598
  9. Deacon - 900

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