Background of Organization: All Mizoram Farmers Union (AMFU) was established in the year 1994 by a group of farmers to take initiative for farmers welfare. It has been registered under the Society Act of 1886 vide Registration number SR.199/94/MZ-RFS dated 11th November 1994 and registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Govt of India, Home Ministry vide Registration No.304330016.

2. Historical Prospective of AMFU: All Mizoram Farmers Union (AMFU) was born out of sheer necessity in the year 1994 for improving traditional method of cultivation on the hill slopes popularly known as Jhum shifting cultivation by using sustainable permanent farming system. The Organization aims to achieve economic stability of the grassroots farmers, at present the organization represents over 70% of the State Population. AMFU is also having its organizational Strength in the entire District of Mizoram.

3. Organisational goals: The Organization is putting an effort to bring Economic self sufficiency to each house hold in the state, and to introduce sustainable farming system in Mizoram.

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