mizoram politicsAssembly inthlan dawna affidavit dik lo thehluta chief minister Lal Thanhawla puh a, a lakah Lalhriatrenga Chhangte-in Serchhip District Court-a criminal complaint a thehluh chhan chu thil ṭha duh vang ni loin, politics-a inbeihna leh a u, C Lalramzauva tana kawng sialnaa an ngaih thu, Congress party Media department hotute chuan an sawi.

MPCC Media department hotute hian nimin khan Aizawl Press Club-ah thuthar thehdarhtute an kâwm a; an chairman James Thanghmingmawia chuan, Lalhriatrenga Chhangte (Hriata Chhangte), Deputy Controller of Mines, India Bureau of Mines-in CM Lal Thanhawla chu Election Commission of India (ECI)-ah a hêk hmasa tih sawiin, a hêkna chu ECI lamin an lo ngaih thutak loh avangin Court-ah a kal leh ta niin a sawi.

James Thanghmingmawia chuan, "ECI-in tih theih a neih loh thu an hrilh a. CM Pu Lal Thanhawla mualpho thei ber tura a beihna chu zùzî mai dawna a hriat avangin Serchhip CJM Court-ah thubuai a thehlut ta a ni," a ti.

James Thanghmingmawia chuan, Lalhriatrenga Chhangte-in ukilah a u, C Lalramzauva, senior advocate a hman thu te, C Lalramzauva chu Assembly inthlanah Serchhip biala Lal Thanhawla vawi thum hneh tawh lotu a nih thu leh 2018 inthlanah pawhin C Lalramzauva chu MNF party candidate ni tura ngaih a nih thute a sawi.

MPCC Media Chairman chuan, Court-a thu awm tawh, preliminary enquity pawh tih fel a nih hmaa press conference-a puanzar chu thil tih ngai loh niin a sawi a; Lal Thanhawla'n aaffidavit-ah kum dik lo a ziaka puh chungchangah, Mizorama MLA ni lai leh ni tawhte zingah kum dik lo ziak an tam hlea a lan thu sawiin, chu'ng zingah chuan MNF president Zoramthanga, MNF vice president Dr R Lalthangliana leh C Lalramzauva te pawh an tel thu a sawi bawk.-Vanglaini

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