Tuirial Hydro Electric Project (HEP)  Kawlphetha man tur la tifel lo

December 16, 2017-a prime minister Narendra Modi-a'n a hawn tâk, Tuirial Hydro Electric Project (HEP) aṭangin Mizoramin ni tin kawlphetha megawatt 30 vel a hmu ṭhin a, kawlphetha man tur erawh tihfel a la ni lo.
Tuirial Hydro Electric Project (HEP) Electric Bill/Rate Chungchang

Thu dawn danin, Tuirial HEP aṭanga kawlphetha siam chhuah, Mizoram sorkarin a leina tur rate tihfel a la ni lo a, leina tur rate hi 

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)-in a bithliah tur a ni. Rate atana rawtna chu hydel project siamtu, NEEPCO-in CERC-ah a thehlut ang a, chumi hnuah Mizoram sorkar nen sawihoa inremna siam a ni ang.

Mizoramin Tuirial HEP aṭanga kawlphetha siam chhuah a leina tur rate tihhniam nan hian DoNER chuan subsidy atan cheng vbc. 133.9 pek a remti a, Mizoram sorkarin chumi bak hmuh theih dan tur a zawng zui a ni. Tuna leina tur rate beisei zat chu unit khat Rs. 5.20 vel a ni.

Kawlphetha leina tur rate siam fel hmaa Infarm Power, Mizoram hman atana NEEPCO-in a pekna rate chu unit khat zelah Rs. 2 tling lo hret a ni rih a; amaherawhchu, hetianga a man tláwm hian thla ruk aia rei kawlphetha a pe thei dawn lo.

Tuirial HEP kawlphetha megawatt 60 pe chhuak thei turah hian khawl pakhat megawatt 30 pe chhuak thei chauh hman a ni rih a, khawl pahnihna pawh hna thawk theia siam ni tawh mah se, enchhin zela siam ṭhat ngai lai siam ṭhat zui zel a la ni rih.

Mizoram aṭanga kawlphetha siam chhuahna dang, Serlui-B Hydel Project aṭangin megawatt 4 vel siam chhuah ṭhin a ni a; kawlphetha siam chhuahna dang, mini hydel project aṭang chuan tui a tlem tawh avangin kawlphetha siam chhuah mumal a ni tawh lo.-Vanglaini

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