A. Zakia from Mizoram Siaha District was among the nine distinguished citizens who were honored with the prestigious civilian award, 2018 Padma Shri Award from North east.
Born on 30th October, 1930 at Lorrainville, Saika, Shri A. Zamia is a prominent literaturist. His father Shri A. Nyusa (L) was the First Evangelist among the Maras (Lakher) under Rev. Reginald Arthur Lorrain

He completed M.E (Class VI) from Government Middle School, Saikao in the year 1950. He also completed the following courses:

I). Teacher’s Training Course, Second Division, 1950.
2). Junior Basic Training, First Division, 1961 from Government Junior Basic Teacher Training School, Aizawl.
3). Teacher Orientation Courses (Different courses).
He joined as Primary School Teacher in 1952. After serving honestly for 44 years, he superannuated from his job in 1st November, 1996.

Padma Shri Recipient 2018 Zakia: He founded Primary Teacher’s Association of the Defunct Chhimtuipui District in 1969, served as President, Vice President and General Secretary continuously since inception till his superannuation from his job. He is the founding Vice President of Saiha Teacher’s Union founded in 1978 and also the founding Assistant Secretary of Civil Pensioner Association, Siaha Branch, founded in 2000.

Shri A. Zakia’s contributions and achievements for the uplift
ment of the Mara Literature and Journalism were outstanding among the Maras.

Few notable works includes:

I). Editor, Zirtirtu Entu, Annual Magazine published by Saiha Teachers Union (1976-1979).
2). Editor, Krizyhpa Chiahmie, A monthly Magazine published by the Evangelical Church of Maraland Literature Committee (1988-1991).
3). Editor, Awhsicharu, an independent Mara Daily Newspaper (2002-2003).
4). Adviser, Chhimtuipui Academy of Letters (1999-2003).
5). Member, Board of Mara Literature (2000-till date)
He is one of the most regular contributor of articles to various journals and newspapers in Siaha District.
He also wrote the following books:
1). Mara reih (Language) Text Book for Class – I, Board of School Education, Mara Autonomous District Council.
2). Mara reih (Language) Text Book for Class – II, Board of School Education, Mara Autonomous District Council.
3). Mara reih (Language) Text Book for Class – VI, Board of School Education, Mara Autonomous District Council.
4). Mara Grammar, First Edition, 2000.
5). Mara Grammar, Revised and Enlarged, Second Edition, 2012.
6). Mara Geography Châbu, 1979.
7). Ei khitlyna (My journey).
8). Reih achu teh (Learn language), English-Mizo-Mara Translation Book.
9). Missionary-zy chakaona (The works and ministry of the Lakher Pioneer Mission Missionaries), 2016.
I0). Hawtizy Bible (Children’s Bible), 2005.

He is translator of Primary School Text Books prescribed by the Board of School Education, Mara Autonomous District Council during 1993-1996.

He also served as Member in the following important Academic and Social Welfare Board:
1). Member, High School Board, Siaha, 1958-1964.
2). Member, Mizoram Text Books Committee, 1975-1976.
3). Member, Mara Education Board, 1985-1990, 2001-2003).
4). Member, Lorrain English School, Siaha, 2000-2003.
5). Member, Juvenile Justice Board, Siaha District, 2010-2013.
6). Proof Reader, ECM Assembly, Siaha, 1996-2008.

Zakia Awarded Padma Shri 2018: Shri A. Zakia receives various Awards and Honours from Government, NGO’s and different Firms & Society for his outstanding contributions and achievements towards the development of education, literature and social works. The notable includes:

1). Certificate of Honours & Medal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Census of India, New Delhi, 1971.
2). Rokhumi Memorial Awards, SCERT, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl, 1981.
3). Commendation Award, Deputy Commissioner, Chhimtuipui District, Siaha, 
4). Productivity Award from Governor, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl, 1989.
5). Certificate of Merit from School Education Department, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl, 1990.
6). Certificate of Merit from Mara Autonomous District Council, 1991.
7). National Award for Teachers from Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India, New Delhi, 1992.
8). Life Time Achievement Award from Moonlight Award Board, Siaha, 2005.
9). Appreciation Certificate from the Bible Society of India, Aizawl Auxiliary, 1995.

Shri A. Zakia’s passions diligent, love and prudent towards the students are highly appreciated among the Maras. His dedication and hard works for the students and schools are exemplary for others.

His contribution towards the growth and development for the Mara Language and Literature were valuable for the Mara community. The Mara language, having just merely 50000 speaking population is categorized as definitely endangered language by ISL International. It is on the edge of extinction due to strong invasion from the surrounding ethnic groups with different dialects.

He works hard to safeguard the Mara Language from language assimilation. His book ‘Mara Grammar’ is approved by the Board of Mara Literature for common use. He never stops his task in order to promote the Mara literature by writing article, paper presentations and giving lecturers in various institutions.
It is obvious that because of his works and contributions; the Mara language, literature and education were highly improved and make progress. His contributions in these fields were unparalleled among the Mara community. -AIR Aizawl

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