Serchhipa khelmuala phûl lem phah enfiah

Serchhip khelmual phul lemSerchhip DC Sangchhin Chinzah leh YMA sub-headquarters, Serchhip hnuaia Vigilance & Monitoring Committee hruaitute chuan nimin khan Serchhip Hmarveng Complex Field-a phûl lem phah mek an tlawh. Phul lem phahtu NBCC hnuaia Agni Shanti hotute chuan, February 2018 chhunga phah zawh an tum thu an sawi.

Khelmual siam mek an en hnuah YMA Vigilance & Monitoring Committee hruaitute chuan Serchhipa UDPA department officer Vanthangpuii a pisaah hmu a; artificial grass phah leh stadium gallery inkarah synthetic track phah a nih loh chuan a sir vela vaivutin grass a tihhmêlhem an hlauhthawn thu hrilhin, synthetic track phah a nih hma chuan khelmual chu hawn an remtih loh tur thu an sawi.

Vanthangpuii chuan, Aizawla UDPA hotu liante beráwn nghalin, UDPA hotute chuan phul lem phah hualin synthetic track phah an tum thu leh, a phah turin contractor SIMCOT thlan a nih tawh thu an hrilh a; a siamna tur sum pawh NEDP-ah dil mek a nih thu an sawi bawk.

Serchhip Hmarveng Complex Field-a football khelmual sak hna hi kum 2011-a ṭan a ni a, NBCC hnuaiah a tirah BGM company-in an sa phawt a, kum hnih chhunga peih tura ruahman ni mah se, an peih theih loh avangin BGM chu bàn an ni. Chumi hnuah NBCC hnuaiah Agni Shanti, Guwahati-in an thawk leh a ni.

Football stadium hi cheng vbc. 15 sênga siam a ni a, mipui ṭhutna tur gallery leh dressing room turte peih tawh niin, a hungnapawh peih a ni tawh bawk. -Vanglaini

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