Mizoram Bailey bridge (Tuirini) collapseAIZAWL, Feb 13: A 48- year-old man died when an under construction bridge he was walking on collapsed near Sesawng in Aizawl district around 10 am today. Sources said HC Lalfakzuala and his nephew Laltleipuia of Sesawng village, were walking across the Bailey bridge over Tuirini river between Sesawng and Khawruhlian which collapsed while they were in the middle. While Lalfakzuala died instantly, his nephew survived with injuries. He was admitted to Thingsulthliah hospital and his condition was stated to be stable. 

The BRTF was constructing a new bridge, replacing the old one which had been constructed in 1973. The bridge, designed to carry a weight of 35 tonnes, cost Rs 390.69 lakh, and was expected to be completed by the end of this month. Workers were present when the bridge collapsed, but no one was injured.-Assam Tribune

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