Sub-rule (1) of Rule 151 read with sub rule (5) of Rule 7 & sub-rule (1) of rule 158 of Chakma Autonomous District Council  (Constitution, Conduct of Business etc.) Rules 2002 as amended in 2012 in thuneihna a pek angin State Election Commission, Mizoram chuan March 23 khan CADC inthlan a puang.

CHAKMA AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT COUNCIL (CADC) inthlan dan tur ruahhmanna hetiang hian siam a ni:

Issue of Notification by State Election Commission - 23.03.2018

Last Date for filing of Nomination - 04.04.2018 (11am to 3pm)

Scrutiny of Nominations - 05.04.2018 (11am to 3pm)

Last Date for Withdrawal of Nominations - 06.04.2018 (upto 3pm)

Allotment of symbols - 07.04.2018 (10am to 3pm)

Display of contesting candidates - 07.04.2018 (after 3pm)
Date of Poll - 20.04.2018 (7am to 5pm)

Date of re-poll, if required - 21.04.2018 (7am to 5pm)

Counting of votes - 24.04.2018

Date on which election process shall be completed - 28.04.2018

First meeting of the new Council under Rule 33 of CADC(CCB)Rules, 2002 - latest by 04.05.2018

Inthlan puan a nih tak avangin CADC huam chhungah 23.03.2018 atang khan Model Code of Conduct hman tan nghal a ni a. He Model Code hian political party, candidate, Minister, Parliamentary Secretaries, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, Chief Executive Member, Executive Members, Members of District Council leh Village Council inthlannaa inhnamhnawih sawrkar hnathawkte a huam a ni.

Vote thlak tur te chu EPIC Card nei vek tura beisei an ni a. Electoral roll-a hming chuang tawh si, EPIC Card la dawng lo an awm a nih chuan an nihna ti chiangtu tur Aadhar Card emaw, Ration Card  emaw Public Sector Bank/ Post Offfice/ Kisan Passbook kengin vote an thlak thei ang. -DIPR

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