JERC hikes power tariff in Mizoram JERC hikes power tariff in Mizoram

AIZAWL, March 18: Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) for States of Mizoram and Manipur has hiked power tariff for the two States by five paise per unit, which will be effective from April 1. The average increase of the new tariff for all consumers is Rs 4.67, which is a 5.90 per cent hike. The proposed increase by Mizoram Power & Electricity (P&E) department was Rs 4.87. The existing rate of power per unit is Rs 4.61.

Mizoram P&E department has proposed an increase of 26 paise for 2018-10, according to which power per unit would cost Rs 4.87. However, this proposal was vehemently opposed by Mizoram Consumers’ Union and other civic organisations. The JERC, after conducting public hearing on February 23 this year, decided to hike power tariff by 5.90 per cent. The order for the new tariff was issued on March 12. 

With a population of just 1.1 million, Mizoram’s demand of electricity during 2018-19 is estimated to be 338.30 million units, from which Rs 181.52 crore revenue is expected. With surplus power sold to outside Mizoram, which is estimated to be 27.49 MU, a revenue of Rs 209.01 crore is expected. Majority of Mizoram’s power demand is met from its share of power from Central sector projects. P&E department said it purchased power at Rs 7.92 per unit from Central power sector and sells it to consumers at highly subsidised rate of Rs 4.61 (Rs 4.67 from April 1).-Assam Tribune

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