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AIZAWL, May 17: After stumbling upon a new building allegedly owned by Mizoram Home Minister R Lalzirliana, PRISM (People’s Representative for Identity & Status of Mizoram) has questioned the source of the rapid increase of his wealth during the last three elections. PRISM members who distributed pamphlets recently came across the five-story building belonging to the Home Minister at Durtlang Mel 5 neighbourhood that prompted the corruption watchdogturned-political party to delve into the declaration of assets of Lalzirliana before elections, only to discover that his wealth has skyrocketed during the ten years. 

“We have come to the conclusion that Home Minister R Lalzirliana has accumulated wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income,” PRISM general secretary SL Ngursailova said. According to the affidavits filed by Lalzirliana before 2003 election, he had assets worth Rs 49,19,882, including Rs 17 lakh in banks, four buildings and two vehicles. According to PRISM, Lalzirliana’s wealth skyrocketed to Rs 1,73,35,000 according to his own declaration of assets before the 2008 elections. 

“Before 2008 elections, Lalzirliana had Rs 11,85,000 in banks, and four vehicles. While the number of buildings he owned decreased to one, which was worth Rs 15 crore, he owned five plots of land worth a total of Rs 11.50 lakh. His total wealth came to the tune of Rs 1,73,35,000,” PRISM general secretary said. Lalzirliana’s net worth jumped further to Rs 6,48,15,000 before 2013 election. “According to the affidavits filed by him before 2013 election, Lalzirliana had Rs 51,55,000 in banks, two vehicles and buildings worth Rs 5.5 crore. Lalzirliana’s wealth increased in ten years to the tune of Rs 5,98,95,118,” he said. “We are not sure how expensive is the Home Minister’s residence at Armed Veng locality, we have estimated the value of his house at Durtlang Mel 5 to be Rs 150 lakh,” PRISM general secretary said. 

PRISM asked from which source of income that Lalzirliana had built such an expensive building, whereas his total annual income from known sources is Rs 52,80,000. PRISM alleged the Home Minister has clearly violated sections 13 (i) and (e) of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, and demanded that he clarify on the sources of his income. “The Home Minister must prove himself not guilty of corruption failing which he will be jailed when PRISM comes to power,” Ngursailova said.

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