The Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu visited Mizoram to Inaugurate the Academic & Seminar Complex and laying the foundation stone for research scholars’ hostel at Mizoram University today.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu visited MizoramThe Vice President said he is pleased that these new buildings are being inaugurated and for another set of buildings, foundation has been laid. He believe that it will become an important centre of education and research not only for the students of Mizoram, but for all those living in the North East India.

He said that education must prepare the students of today to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Education must aim at holistic development of an individual by imbuing the right qualities of head and heart.

Citing that Mizoram is a tension free state so attention should be steered towards education and utilisation of the solar power inside the campus is a big progress. He encouraged students to be entreprenuers, job givers and not merely job seekers, to have a number of alternative career paths. And for that, he urged them to build up their skillset accordingly.

The Vice President said that he is very happy to note that Mizoram University has introduced several MOOC courses, job oriented certificate and diploma courses, and skill development courses for training of students.

He advised the attendees they must never forget 5 things- mother,native place, mother tongue, Motherland and the teachers.

He advised the students must utilize various opportunities provided by the Government of India particularly for improvement of skills, through various skill development courses. Depending on the type of career or profession they choose, specific skills and abilities have to be acquired, apart from possessing a sound knowledge required for the job. He said the skill training will help enhance our employability to get proper job and make us more competent.

He encouraged students to learn to live with nature and promote culture for a better future. The Vice President also assured that the different requests presented before him will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu visited MizoramOn the occassion, the Governor of Mizoram Lt. Gen (Retd.) Nirbhay Sharma, Finance Minister Lalsawta and Vice Chancellor Prof KRS Sambasiva Rao were present there.

The first session of the program featured inauguration of the Academic & Seminar Complex where students of MZU perform Mizo cultural Dance ‘CHERAW’ to welcome the Vice President.

The second session took place at the MZU Auditorium with the national anthem being played at the start. The MZU Choir sang a beautiful song called ‘Kan Zotlang Ram Nuam’. The Vice President along with the governor inaugurated the Boys and Girls hostel.

In his opening speech, the Vice Chancellor highlighted about the progress of MZU and requested the kind support of the Vice President for the further growth and development of the state in areas including:
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu visited Mizoram1. Establishing a Medical College and Hospital in MZU 
2. Establishing a Cancer Hospital in Mizoram.
3. Establishing a AIDS/HIV Centre for Research and Control.
4. Establishing a Genetic Counselling and Research Centre.
5. Improvement of transport facilities through air, train and 
surface transport to Mizoram.

The governor Shri Sharma in his address said that Mr. Naidu was the first Vice President who visited Mizoram. He praised the state for its law abiding nature by citing Aizawl as no honking city. The Governor said the state needs to learn Hindi to integrate better with the rest of the country.

The vote of thanks was given by the MZU Registrar C Zothankhuma.

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