TUALCHHUNG HNARUAK CHI HRANG HRANG (Teacher/Office Asstt/Peon/Executive/Clerk/Helper/Warden/Nurse

Tualchhung hnaruak

HNARUAK DILTHEIH: Aizawl khawpui chhungah heng hna te hi a ruak a, ngaihven theih a ni e.

1. A walk-in interview will be held on 13th Nov. 2018 onwards at Forest Research Centre for Bamboo at Rattan (FRC-BR), bethlehem Vengthlang, Aizawl, Mizoram for engagement of 01 JRF, 01 Project Assistant inder a project. 
Application form can be collected from the mentioned office on any working days during office hour or can be downloaded from our official website www.icfre.org .

M.Z. Singson
Head, FRC-BR
Phone No.: 0389 2301157

2. Mizoram State Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry & Marketing Cooperative Federation Limited (MAHFED) hnuaia hna thawk turin Managing Director pakhat contract basis in kum 2 atan a la dawn. Kum 25 chin chunglam, M.Sc/MBA/MCA/M.Com tan dil theih a ni.

Application form hi date 15 November 2018 thleng MAHFED Office ah lak theih a ni ang. Hlawh: Rs. 30000/- Fixed + POL 40 ltrs
Interview Hun: Dt. 30 Nov. 2018 11 AM Onwards

Managing Director
Ph.:0389 2300454

3. Principal Hnaruak - Presbyterian English School Ratuah principal hna a ruak a. BA chin chunglam thiamna nei tan dil theih a ni. Ni 12.11.2018 thleng dilna School Management Committee Chairman/Secretary hnehna thehluh theih a ni. Ni 13.11.2018  dar 2 PM ah Ratu Kohhran Hall ah interview tur a ni. Hlawh Rs. 10000/-.

Diltu chu English thiam tak, ruihtheih thila fihlima ni tur a ni. Interview hunah document te ken vek tur a ni.

hrechiang duh tan: 82559159897/8730094458

4. PEON HNARUAK DIL THEIH - Mizoram Technocrats Company Office-ah peon hna a ruak a, nula fel tak tan dil theih a ni e. Hna diltu chuan Chairman address in mahni biodata leh thlalak thil telin company office Central YMA Office Building, Near Sikulpuikawn ah 2.11.2018 thleng dilna thehluh theih a ni ang. Personal Interview: 3.11.2018 dar 11 AM.
Contact: 03892301518/9436360294.

5. ZIRTIRTU HNARUAK - A Science cum Mathematics teacher for Higher Secondary and One Hindi teacher capable of teaching Mizo in Higher Secondary wanted. Interview on 27.11.2018 at 11 AM. Contact - 9774745659/7005159897

6. CHOWKIDAR HNARUAK A AWM E- Tuikual North Kohhran Biak In Chowkidar kum 2019 atanga thawk tan tur mamawh a ni.Plain papera ziakin dilna thehluh tur a ni. Dil theih hun chhung: 2.11.2018
Interview: 3.11.2018
A Hmun: Kohhran Committee Room
Thla tin Lawmman: 10000/- (Accomodation, Tui, Electric free)

7. ZIRTIRTU HNARUAK - Living Water School chuan Confined Teacher (female) leh Maths teacher a mamawh a. Dil duh chuan October ni 30 1 PM ah interview tur a ni. Location - Mission Vengthlang, Aizawl 

Contact: 9862732826/9612566911

8. HNARUAK HNARUAK HNARUAK HNARUAK - Web Designer AAWB Internet Pvt. Ltd. ah a ruak e. Contact 7085097836

9. ZIRTIRTU HNARUAK - HNARUAK DIL THEIH - St. Jospeh Higher Secondary ah Male Graduate or above for warden leh MSc Physics for Higher Secondary a ruak e. Hlawh Warden - 13000 Physics Teacher 15000.
Contact Principal - 9436197649/7005845852

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