• Pu Zoramthanga, Hon’ble Chief Minister
  • Officials of the State Government
  • Leaders of the civil society
  • My dear friends


- It is with great pride and happiness that we celebrate the State Day of Mizoram. On 20th February 1987, we attained valuable Statehood within the Union of India. Today, we pay our respects and homage to every single person who played a role in this momentous achievement. I feel privileged to be the Governor as we celebrate, while at the same time remembering the tremendous sacrifices made by a number of people for this cause.

- The State of Mizoram came into existence after 20 years of insurgency. The Peace Accord, which was signed on 30th June 1986 by the MNF, the Government of India and the Government of Mizoram, has stood the test of time. It is to the credit of the strong civil society out here, that we have transitioned from years of struggle to become one of the most peaceful states in the country. It is our duty to maintain this peace, which is so vital for development.

 - When we talk about two decades of hardship and suffering, we must also note that we have now had more than three decades of peace and tranquility as a State. While it is true that we must never forget our past, it is time to appreciate that a whole new generation has arrived and the time has come for us to look forward to a new future filled with optimism and hope.

 - It is here that I make an appeal to all the people of this State to work and co-operate with the Government, as we try to bring about much-needed all-round development. This is a shared journey, in which the Government requires the support of the civil society, the Church and all the citizens. Our Government has already announced development schemes and policies which will be prioritized, including the Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP), improving road connectivity, providing affordable and accessible healthcare, focusing on agriculture, and many more. In all these efforts, the Government alone cannot succeed. We need a combined effort in order to develop Mizoram as one of the Model States in the country.

- On a personal note, I take this opportunity to highlight some points which are close to my heart. It is my sincere desire that we develop and exploit the immense potential that we have in the realms of agriculture, horticulture, organic farming, food processing, handloom and handicrafts, etc. While the State Government continues to work with the utmost diligence, I would like to convey that I am always ready and willing to contribute in any way that I can.

- Over these years we have gone way ahead in creating history in the field of sports, our youth has made our state proud by attaining top position in a variety of sports and we hope that in coming days many more youths will come ahead in taking this task and create a mark across the globe.

 -We are now giving special emphasis on our Handicraft and Handloom sector, our handicraft and handloom are one of the unique in the country, and promoting it will be a great boost for the economy of the state. We should also initiate a knowledge exchange programme with other state so as to develop our existing means and ways of manufacturing and marketing our handloom and handicraft as well as promoting and developing a market for our produce in other states.

- Special emphasis is now being given to the bamboo sector in the state, we have one of the largest bamboo cover in the country, it is now recognized, developed and promoted in a manner ensuring ecological security for all round sustainable development of the State and well- being of our people.

- I once again express my gratitude as we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of our State Day. In conclusion, I wish to remind all the people of Mizoram that as a full-fledged State under the Constitution of India, we have a responsibility to uphold ideals such as secularism and national integrity. Towards that end, let us join hands to develop Mizoram as a Model State in all spheres.


- Jai Hind

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