Jeans have widely conquered the hearts and closets of people all over the world. People of all ages irrespective of any gender love to wear this piece of clothing. Since umpteen years jeans have found its place in the wardrobes of rich and poor, celebrities and common man. However, it has not lost its charm and is here to rule with its versatility.

downloadIt would not be wrong to say "jeans thy second name is fashion". Nevertheless we can see a transition in peoples choice of clothing. There is a shift from traditional wear to jeans all over the world. Clothing to a large extent depicts the social culture and tradition of a country. Jeans has been successful in replacing the traditional wear over the years in all countries of the world.

Let's get into the history of jeans. At first jeans was used by the working class men. It was thick, strong, and long lasting. In short a trouser that can survive in any conditions. This thick cotton cloth was made of "gene" material from Genoa, a city in Italy. Thus, it got its name.








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