Nikum February thla atang khan (TRAI : Telecomunication Regulatory Autority of India) dan angin TV en man tihdanglam a lo ni taa, channel en duh zawngte thlan danah kan buaiin mi tam tak chuan tuna LPS leh Zonet-in package an siam hi an dodalin an sawisel nasa hle. Hei vang  hian a hnuaia ka sawi hi uluk takin in lo chhiarin, in lo ngaihtuah zui dawn nia. 

LPS Zonet1. BST (Basic Service Tier) : Hetah hian Free to Air channel kan tih ho, India danpuiin a lo phut angin India ram chhung hnam hrang hrang leh tawng hrang hrang hmang programme pek a ni a, Hindi leh hnam dang tawng thiam lo Mizote tan chuan a ho hle. Mase a hming ang hian TV en tur, Set top box tihnun nan chuan tih ngei ngei ngai zing ami a ni. Rs 150-in he BST hmang hian Set top box a tihnun theijh a ni.

2. Silver Pack:  Rs 250/- per month. Het packah hian hian LPS/Zonet Local Channel zawng zawng bakah Free to Air channel a awm a, pay channel tlem azawng awmin sport channel a awm lo ang.

3. Gold Pack: Rs 400/- per month.
Hetah hian Silver pack a awm zawng zawng bakah Sport package zawng zawng leh pay channel a kim thei ang ber, a man phu tawk tura dah a ni.

(HRIAT VE ATAN : Package reng reng hi  Subscriber / Consumerte tan, a tha thei ang ber tur hisapa siam a ni).

Khitiang khi package awm dan a nih laiin subscriberte / consumerte hamthatna hi Cable Operatorte hian an ngaihtuahpui tur a ni a, "Rs 400/- manah lo chuan sport channel a awm lo, Rs 400/- man pawt mai rawh u" tiin an nawrlui tur a ni lo. Miin a duh phawt chuan BST, Rs 150 man pawt chung pawh khian Sport channel a en duh zawng, a duh duh leh film chhuahna channel a duh duh  man tlawm zawkin a en thei a ni tih kan hriat a tha awm e.

Entir nan : Miin Rs 150/- in TV acrivate tir ta se,
Pack - Rate - 18% GST - Total 
BST  -  Rs  150.00    150.00  
LPS / Zonet Locals - Rs 50.00 - 0.00 - Rs 50.00
Star   Sport - 1 - Rs 10.00 -  1.8  -  Rs 11.80
Star   Sport - 2 - Rs 6.00 -  1.08  -  Rs 7.08 
Star   Sport - 3 - Rs 4.00 -  0.72  -  Rs 4.72
Ten - 1  - Rs 19.00 -  3.42 -  Rs 22.42
Ten - 2 - Rs 15.00 - 2.70 -  Rs 17.70 
Ten - 3 - Rs 17.00 - 3.06 - Rs 20.06 
Select - 1 - Rs 19.00 - 3.42 - Rs 22.42
Select -  2  - Rs 7.00 - 1.26 - Rs 8.26 
ESPN - Rs  5.00  - 0.9  - Rs 5.90  
Total : Rs         320.36  

(Hetah hian HD/SD infotainment, Kids, entertainment etc a tel lo tih erawh kan hriat a tha) 

Tv en man chungchang leh Consumer te hamthatna awm thei te, consumer Right to subnscribe cable TV hi kan Central YMA te hian awarness nei turin  Cable Operators,LPS leh , Zonet te hi ko khawm se, inpawh takin mipuite hamthatna awm thei hi han sawi ho ni se kan hlawkpui ngei a rinawm.   

Zawlpala Khiangte 

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