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ZIRNA LAM HAWIIN - CAREER CHUNGCHANG (Travel , Tourism & Hospitality)

Higher secondary a zirlai mek te leh, graduate tawh te, Eng lam hi nge ka hawi ang tih ngaihtuaha ,la in hambuai te tan a, trangkai na a neih ka ring a, Ka rawn ziak ve tawp mai ..A special report em em na chu ka hre chiah lo a, mahse vei awm viau si a.

Career in Mizo

Why choose Travel , Tourism & Hospitality Career ?

Hospitality industry hi Tourism Industry chhung a, a peng liantak pakhat ni in , Tourism & hospitality industry tih hi services sector zing ah chuan a lianberte zing a mi a ni a, a huam zau em em a ,Khualzinna, Chenna , Ei leh In te , Intihlimna chi hrang hrang te leh thlidang tam tak a huam a ni.

India ram ah Kum 2018 kum in 10.56 Million ramdangmi khualzin nei in ,Jan -2019 chhung ringawt khan 1.10 million foreign tourist in india a tlawh a ni. 
India ram a Tourism and hospitality sector bik hian kum 2017 khan 41.6 million hnathawk a nei a , kum 2028 ah chuan 52.3 million hnathawktu nei tur a chhut a ni bawk .

Kum 2017 -18 chhung in ,Overall Tourism sector ah 81.1 million people hnathawk awm in , india ram pum a hnathawk 12.38 per cent a ni a,

Heng Foreign tourist teho khualzin chhan chu - adventure , cruises , medical, wellness, sports, MICE, eco-tourism, film, rural and religious tourism.etc te an nia a.

Hospitality & Tourism section in 2017 kum in 91.27 Billion US $ hlawhchhuak in , kum 2028 ah chuan 194.69 Billion US$ ni tur a chhut a ni

Travel & Tourism sector in 2017 kum a hlawhchhuah zat chu US$ 234.03 billion ni bawk in , kum 2028 ah chuan US$ 492.21 billion ni tur a chhuta ni a, Chuan, Travel and tourism hi India tan a , ramdang pawisa hlawhchhuak hnem zawng a chhut a pathumna a ni bawk a ni.

Heti khawp a Industry Sector lian leh employment opportunity tam, India ram chhung chauh lo pawh Khawvel hmun hrang hrang a hnathawh tur in a koh reng na industry ah ,telve tur in ..



Eligibility: 10+2 with English as a subject. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) hi I exam a ngai .

Hospitality graduates kan tih, B.Sc in Hotel Management (3 yrs degree course) zir na hi sorkar enkawl leh private tam tak a awm a , Chung sorkar enkawl zing a a tha ber ber a ngaih te chu ..
1) IHM - Pusa ,New delhi 
2) IHM - Mumbai 
3) IHM - Bangalore
4) IHM - Chennai 
5) IHM - Chandigarh 
India ram khawpuilian zawng zawng deuh thaw ah , Central Govt ta IHM a awm a, State govt IHM leh Private college tha tak tak a tam a ni.

Kum in 2019 ,NCHMCT –JEE hi 27th April 19 khan exam nei in 14th May ah result a chhuak a , kum in hian NCHMCT hnuai ah a vai in hian 63 IHM’ Colleges participate in seat 11,472 a awm a ni, He entrance exam kaltlang a seat hmu tan chuan course fee hi a tlawm a , 3 yrs degree course hi Semester 6 ah zo in , Semester tin in course fee an pe mai a,heng bak ah hian uniform , text book , hostel and mess fee a la ngai.

NCHMCT-JEE entrance exam lo in Pvt college tha tak tak, tam tak ah admission hi pek chhuah reng a ni bawk a, a institutions dan a zir leh course a zir in Fees hi a danglam a ,course fee hian Uniform +Text book + Accomodation + meal a huam tello .

Bangalore a Hotel management zirna pvt college lar zual te chu ,AIHMCT- Army College te , AIMS -Acharya te , IIHM , Christ College , Ramaiah college , Garden City College , KLE Etc . 

He course an zir chhung hian , India ram a , hospitality players lian zawng zawng hi Chu campus recruitment nei in heng IHM leh Pvt top college ah hian an kal thin a , an zir zawh ve leh a an thawhnghal tur in hna ah recruit vek zel an ni . A thente erawh chu an hotel duhna a Management programme a an tlin loh a vang in Hotel ah thawk duh lo in , Travels company a te , Aviations , Cruiselines , Retail section , Event management , Corporate & Real estate offices management , Guest Houses, Restaurants , Shopping malls , entertainment areas a te , an thawh senloh job opportunity hian s hmuak a ni.Heibak ah sawive tur chuan tlem a zawng chu Master degree nei tur in an zir chhunzawm leh bawk.

Note : Mizoram ah pawh BBA ( Hospitality & Tourism) 3 yrs course zirna ICFAI ah awm in , Class 12 passed, hospitality management a, career siam duh tan chuan ,zawhfiah chi tak a ni ang.

Fees lam a harsatna nei , Hotel Management graduation course zir duh, Hospitality industry a career nei duh tan , TISS (Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai )hnuai ah , India ram hmun li lai ah Colleges campuses nei in , 3 yrs degree course zirchhuah dan programme an nei bawk , hei pawh hi a duh tan chuan, ngaihven theih reng , amaherawh chu Screening pal tlang a ngai.

Academic Courses pangai a 3 yrs degree course zo tawh I nih pawh in:

Hospitality industry ah world class professional career thatak in a nghak reng che!

Graduation degree I neih tawh a vang in ,Educated I ni tawh a, Professional courses in Hospitality & Tourism a awm a , Two yrs amaw One year diploma course te , 06 Months certificate course te , heng course te hi Pvt Institute ah zir in thui tak I thleng thei a , Mi in a potential neihte a la explore thei reng a ni..!!
Mi tam tak hi chu , hriatlohna a vang leh Hrilh hretu awm log vang hian potential nasa tak nei si in ,an thlentur chin leh thlentheihchin thleng ta lo hi a awm theih a ni.

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