MizoramA meeting of the members of Save Chite Lui Coordination Committee on 30.08.19 at Chief Secretary Conference Hall, MINECO decided to go ahead with building the fisrt Mizoram Green Road at Reiek using waste polythene collected from and around Chite Lui.

The meeting was chaired by Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, Chief Secretary where various initiative taken under Save Chite Lui Coordination Committee were thoroughly discussed and plan of action were chalked out for building the first ever Green road at Reiek village.

The committee pointed out on the importance of having the first green road of the state, therefore make consensus on having a monitoring group, mainly comprising NGOs to study, monitor and report on the progress of the work from the very beginning. 

The committee also decided on having a video documentation of the whole process, from the first day of work till the opening of the Green road, for public awareness purpose. 

The task of building the Green Road using two quintals of waste polythene collected from and around Chite river will be taken up by PWD and the work is intended to be completed before the state Anthurium festival. ~DIPR

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