LalbiakkimaLPS Pro Fight champion NT Lalbiakkima chuan professional boxing zawm tura thutlukna a siam hnuah training zawm thei mai turin thil a tifel thaw khat tawh.

Kum 23 mi Biakkima hian nikum June 6 khan a pa Pu NT Zomawia a sun a, a hma atanga a lo tum tawh tipuitlinga hlawhtlinna chang ngei turin a pa, Pu Zomawia chuan a thih hmain professional huang luchilh turin thu a chah a ni.

Biakkima chuan an chenna Siaha-ah a pa a vui liam a, hemi hnu hian a hnathawhna Indian Navy a zawm leh tawh lo tih a sawi. Sete Boxing Academy zawmin Aizawlah professional boxing-a lut turin ngawrh takin a inbuatsaih a, India rama hetiang lam buaipuitu Vikash and Neraj Promotion hnuaiah contract a ziak bawk.

WBC hnuaia bulṭan tumin hma a la a, South Korea-ah training nei tura kawhhmuh a nih angin nikum kum tawp lam atangin visa buaipui. Tunah hian a nei fel tawh a, ruahman angin engkim a kal thei dawn niin a manager Kuldeep Keda chuan a hrilh.

Siaha tlangval hi 2014 khan a vawi khat nan Mizorama boxing show ropui tak LPS Pro Fight-ah a tel a, lightflyweight-ah a champion nghal. Nikum khan a zawnin vawi li title a humhim a, Pro Fight chanchina weight pakhata vawi nga champion thei awm chhun a ni.

Boxing a thiam vangin Indian Navy-ah a lut a, June 2018 khan India aiawhin kg 52 huangah President's Cup khelin Astana, Kazakhstan-ah a fehchhuak. Quarterfinal-ah Olympic champion leh world number one Hasanboy Dusmatov hnehin bronze medal a dawng a, professional luhchilh tura sawmna a dawng zui nasa hle a ni. - Thang Khuma T-a

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